Nikki Boyer

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Birth Name: Nicole Suzanne Boyer

Place of Birth: St. Louis, Missouri, U.S.

Date of Birth: July 22, 1975

Ethnicity: French/French-Canadian, German, English, Scottish, some Native American [including Kaskaskia]

Nikki Boyer is an American actress, singer, and songwriter. She has hosted Yahoo!’s Daytime in No Time and co-hosted Watch This! on TV Guide Channel.

Her father had French/French-Canadian, alongside some German and Native American, ancestry. Many of his ancestors were related. Some of his French ancestors had children with Native American women from the Kaskaskia region. Her mother is mostly of German, English, and Scottish descent.

Nikki’s paternal grandfather was Charles Homer Boyer (the son of Roger Boyer and Ava/Anie Bequette). Charles was born in Missouri. Roger was born in Missouri, the son of Eugene Boyer and Mary Dora Boyer. Ava was born in Missouri, the daughter of Joseph Narcissus Bequette and Emma Thebeau.

Nikki’s paternal grandmother was Louise Theresa Bequette (the daughter of James Theodore Bequette and Laura Coleman). Louise was born in Missouri. James was born in Missouri, the son of Francis Theodore Bequette and Clotilde/Clotilda Marie Portais/Portell. Laura was born in Missouri, the daughter of Leon Thomas Coleman/Kuhlman and Justeen Politte.

Nikki’s paternal grandparents were second cousins. Both of them descended from a woman named Dorothée Olivier, who was born, c. 1728, in Kaskaskia, Illinois, the daughter of a Frenchman, Jean Baptiste Olivier, and of a Native American woman, Marthe Thérèse Accica/Axiga/Ariga.

Nikki’s maternal grandfather was William E. Barnes (the son of John Richard Barnes and Maude P. Carter). William was born in Missouri. John was born in Missouri, the son of Levi Barnes and Paralee Knox. Maude was born in Missouri, the daughter of George W. Carter and Margaret White.

Nikki’s maternal grandmother was Norma Helen Stucke (the daughter of Carl/Charles August Stucke and Loretta J. Gerst). Norma was born in Missouri. Carl was born in Missouri, and was likely the son of Charles Stucke, whose parents were German, and of Minnie, whose parents were also German. Loretta was born in Missouri, the daughter of August H. Gerst, whose parents were ethnic Germans, from Alsace, France; and of Elizabeth Jackson, whose own mother was English.

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