Nikki Baker

Birth Name: Nicole Maria Baker

Place of Birth: Minneapolis, Hennepin, Minnesota, United States

Date of Birth: June 6, 1988

*father – Norwegian, Swedish, English, Irish
*mother – German, Polish

Nikki Baker is an American Internet personality. She is known for Nikki and John Pranksters in Love, along with John Dahl.

She is the daughter of Dorothe, a German immigrant, and William Baker, an American. In a YouTube video, Nikki stated that her mother is of German and Polish descent. Nikki has a daughter with her former fiancé John.

Nikki’s paternal grandfather was William Lloyd Baker (the son of Harvey Baker and Anna Emelia Stadt). William was born in Michigan. Harvey was of English and Irish descent, and was the son of William Harrison Baker and Harriet Frances Lindsay. Anna was born in Hovmantorp, Lessebo, Kronoberg County, Sweden, the daughter of Johan “John” Stadt/Andersson and Marie Christina “Mary” Carlsdotter.

Nikki’s paternal grandmother was Maybell/Maybelle Katherine “Mabel” Dahl (the daughter of Julius Theodore Dahl and Karina Fatland). Maybell was born in North Dakota. All of her great-grandparents were Norwegian. Julius was the son of Thore Olsen Dahl, who was born in Aurdal, Oppland, and of Marit Uldriksdatter. Karina was the daughter of Peter Hanson Fatland, who was born in Fjelberg, and of Kari Anderson.

Nikki’s maternal grandfather was surnamed Ischler.

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