Neneh Cherry

Birth Name: Neneh Mariann Karlsson

Place of Birth: Stockholm, Sweden

Date of Birth: 10 March, 1964

*Sierra Leonean (father)
*Swedish (mother)

Neneh Cherry is a Swedish singer, songwriter, rapper, broadcaster, and DJ.

Her father, Chernor Ahmadu Sahidu Jah, is a drummer, from Sierra Leone, where his own father was a chief. Her mother, Monika Marianne Karlsson, is a Swedish painter and textile artist. Her stepfather is American jazz musician Don Cherry, who helped raised Neneh from a very young age. Don is African-American.

Her half-siblings are singer and songwriter Titiyo and musician Eagle-Eye Cherry.

Neneh is married to British producer Cameron “Booga Bear” McVey. She two children with Cameron, including R&B singer Mabel, and a daughter with her former husband, British drummer Bruce Smith. Her stepson is singer, songwriter, and rapper Marlon Roudette.

Neneh’s maternal grandfather was Oskar Verner Karlsson (the son of Carl/Karl Wilhelm Olofsson and Hilda Nilsson). Carl was the son of Olof Månsson and Emma Karlsdotter. Hilda was the daughter of Johannes Nilsson and Bothilda Nilsdotter.

Neneh’s maternal grandmother was Justina Mariana Antonsson (the daughter of Nils Gustaf Antonsson and Ida Övall). Nils was the son of Anton Andersson and Anna Magdalena Håll. Ida was the daughter of Johan Övall and Maria Boman.

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