Nayib Bukele

Birth Name: Nayib Armando Bukele Ortez

Place of Birth: San Salvador, El Salvador

Date of Birth: 24 July, 1981

*father – Palestinian Arab
*mother – Salvadoran, possibly Greek

Nayib Bukele is a Salvadoran politician and businessperson. He has served as President of El Salvador, since 1 June, 2019. He was previously Mayor of Nuevo Cuscatlán, from 1 May, 2012 to 30 April, 2015, and Mayor of San Salvador, from 1 May, 2015 to 30 April, 2018.

Nayib is the son of Olga Ortez de Bukele and Armando Bukele Kattán. He is married to educator and prenatal psychologist Gabriela Rodríguez de Bukele, with whom he has a daughter.

His father, who was originally Christian, converted to Islam. His mother is Christian. Nayib’s father, an Imam, was the spiritual leader of the Islamic community in El Salvador, a role now held by Nayib’s brother Emerson Bukele.

Nayib’s paternal grandparents were Christian Palestinians, from Jerusalem and Bethlehem.

Nayib’s maternal grandfather was of the Greek Orthodox faith. It is not clear if he was of Greek descent or not.

Nayib’s maternal grandmother was a Catholic.


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