Naya Rivera

Rivera in 2010, Helga Esteb/

Birth Name: Naya Marie Rivera

Date of Birth: January 12, 1987

Place of Birth: Santa Clarita, Los Angeles, California, United States

Date of Death: July 8, 2020

Place of Death: Lake Piru, Ventura County, California, U.S.

*50% Puerto Rican
*25% African-American
*25% German

Naya Rivera was an American actress, singer, and model. She played Santana Lopez on the television show Glee.

Naya was the daughter of Yolanda Marie (White), a model, and George Michele Rivera. Her father is of Puerto Rican and German descent. Her mother is of half black and half Puerto Rican ancestry. Naya had stated this on the talk show The View. She described herself as “half Puerto Rican, a quarter German, and a quarter African American.”

She was the sister of professional football player Mychal Rivera and runway model Nickayla Rivera. Pictures of her brother can be seen here.

Naya had a son with her former husband, actor Ryan Dorsey. She was also credited as Naya Rivera Dorsey.

Naya’s maternal grandmother was named Clara Esther White.



Curious about ethnicity

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  1. ohHeyyy says:


    Naya’s father is half Puerto Rican half German
    Naya’s mother is half Black half Puerto Rican. she says it about her mother here.

  2. tinasheeeee says:

    Who’s this girl?

  3. Check7t says:

    Looks mestiza.


    Wow ppl calm down. For the record “ihatemostppl” is right brazilians ARE NOT HISPANIC/LATINO!! I do hate when ppl think this! And I do know cause I am 100% pretty af dark skin Colombian mami!yes 100 meaning born in my country of both parents also pure blood natives! Anyhow, naya,..she is not that pretty nor a true blood “Latina” but wldnt day fugly like Mariah Carey. This is what’s wrong w the world today-toooo much dam mixing and swirling going on today!! And when u hv too many races and ethnicities in one, that’s when u get ugly victims like Naya and Mariah.naya she is ehh but Mariah, she is ugly! And I’ve heard on tv naya tries to be like that kim whoredashian-WHY I DON’T KNOW!!!….on another note, nayas body IS NOT ALL THAT! She has a board body(no shape) AND no tetas !!plus she shld really keep her hair down.she has a terrible hairline,actually quite like Kim’s, very far back-it’s ugly!so overall, these 2 itches are ugly and overrated!yes I said it..peace!

  5. ME says:

    I think she is ugly as hell,this is for the ones who find latina woman attractive. She is not pretty like Jessica Alba,Sofia Vergara,Adriana Lima,Camila Alves,Eva Langoria,Jennifer Lopez etc.This woman has plastic surgery transformations for bad

    • ihatemostpeople says:

      She is not ugly whatsoever. I’d like too see what you look like. Your ugly jealous ass over here judging people and their appearances…. I bet you look like shit. Btw Camila Alves is not a Latina. She’s a mulatto from Brazil. She’s African and Portuguese. Adriana Lima is not a Latina either. Brazilians are not considered [email protected]/Hispanics.

      • ME says:

        Brazil is part of Latin-America,so, brazilians are latinos,not hispanic,hispanic and latinos are not the same thing, dumbass .Yes,Naya Rivera is very ugly. You can bet what you want,you’re just a internet’s loser who wants discuss with strangers .Get a life and go study before talk shit

        • ihatemostpeople says:

          Lnfao you dumbass bitch!!! You can’t even speak English, and you’re telling ME to get a fucking life? Fucking asshole hypocrite. YOU’RE the retarded bitch who’s ALWAYS posting ignorant bullshit on this fucking site. ALWAYS calling people ugly when you’re the ugly ass bitch here. I’m assuming you dropped out of high school since you can’t even type worth a shit. Fuck off. Lmfao it’s funny how some people think they know what the fuck they’re talking about, but in reality they are stupid as shit. Running their ignorant ass mouths, and exposing how fucking retarded they really are. Stupid ass piece of shit!!!!

        • ihatemostpeople says:

          AND yes you fucking moron, Hispanics and Latinos are the say goddamn thing. Go fuck yourself. You don’t know shit. Trailer trash inbred!!!!

          • Mary Jane says:

            My language is not english,and I speak the way I know and I want.I don’t will argue with ignorant with mental issues like you. If you want to know how don’t be dumbass, find me in the best university of Europe

          • marjanel says:

            No they are not the same thing.Not all latinos are hispanic, for examole brazilians.They don’t speak Spanish(then they are not hispanic) but They speak portuguese(making them latino).Although, not all brazilians would consider themselves latino, a real native brazilian would not do it.

          • marjanel says:

            When I say native I am talking about indigenous.

        • Brazil is in South America and they dont called themselves Latinas, but preto, you are an ugly bully!

          • marjanel says:

            What are you talking about? one thing is race and another language.Brazil is in Latín América. They speak portuguese a latín derivated language.Second, not all brazilians call themselves pretos Because Brazil is a multicultural country They have everything, only mulatos in Brazil call themselves pretos , a white brazilian would not say that is preto but whits.Third, nobody in Latín American use the word latino so much. In the same way Americans never say that they are Anglophones and less would say that latino is a race.

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