Nate Torrence

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Birth Name: Nathan Andrew Torrence

Place of Birth: Canton, Ohio, U.S.

Date of Birth: December 1, 1977

Ethnicity: German, Swiss-German, English, Ukrainian, Polish

Nate Torrence is an American actor. His roles include the films My Best Friend’s Girl and Zootopia, and the series Supernatural, among others.

Nate is the son of Kathy and Bernie Torrence.

Nate’s paternal grandfather is Bernard George Torrence (the son of Bernard Edward Torrence and Bertha Alice Potts). Nate’s grandfather was born in Pennsylvania. Nate’s great-grandfather Bernard was born in Pennsylvania, the son of George Torrence and Mary. Bertha was born in Pennsylvania, the daughter of Archibald Addison Potts and Mary Elizabeth Brewer.

Nate’s paternal grandmother is Alice Kuzminchuk (the daughter of Samuel “Sam” Kuzminchuk and Emilia/Amelia Sienkiewies). Alice was born in West Virginia. Samuel was born in Russia, and was likely of Ukrainian descent. Emilia was born in Poland.

Nate’s maternal grandfather is Leland James Travers (the son of Leland James Travers and Catherine Ellen “Katie” Guedle/Guedel/Gudell). Nate’s grandfather Leland was born in Ohio. Nate’s great-grandfather Leland was born in Michigan. Catherine was born in West Virginia, the daughter of Alfred Guedle, who was from Switzerland, and of Mary Callie Goodman.

Nate’s maternal grandmother is Gloria Norma Elsass (the daughter of Jacob F. Elsass and Anna Lutz). Gloria was born in Ohio. Nate’s great-grandfather Jacob was born in Ohio, the son of Jacob Elsass and Lilly Lesh. Anna was born in Ohio, the daughter of Jacob C. Lutz and Lydia Ellen Schneider/Snyder.

Source: Obituary of Nate’s uncle (mother’s brother) –

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