Miranda Cosgrove

LOS ANGELES – SEP 8: Miranda Cosgrove at the EIF Presents: XQ Super School Live at the Barker Hanger on September 8, 2017 in Santa Monica, CA photo by kathclick

Birth Name: Miranda Taylor Cosgrove

Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California, United States

Date of Birth: May 14, 1993

Ethnicity: Irish, English, French, 1/8th Mexican, some degree of German [including Alsatian]

Miranda Cosgrove is an American actress, singer, and songwriter.

On her Twitter account, she stated:

I’m Irish, English, and French. People always think I’m a lot of different nationalities though which I think is pretty cool :)

Oddly, Miranda did not mention her one eighth Mexican ancestry. Miranda’s maternal grandfather’s mother, Mary Castimello/Costano/Coseton, was born in Mexico, as were Mary’s parents. The spelling of Mary’s surname varies from record to record.

A picture of Miranda with her mother can be seen here.

A picture of Miranda’s paternal grandmother can be seen here.

Miranda’s maternal grandfather was William Frank Casey (the son of William J. Casey and Mary Castimello/Costano/Coseton). Miranda’s grandfather William was born in California. Miranda’s great-grandfather William was Irish. Miranda’s great-grandmother Mary was Mexican. A picture of Miranda’s maternal grandfather can be seen here.

Miranda’s maternal grandmother was Lois Ann Core (the daughter of Robert Herman Core and Ida Marie Bishir/Bishop). Lois was born in Oklahoma. Robert was the son of John W. Core and Birdie Harrell. Ida was the daughter of John Bunyan Bishir and Effie Jones. A picture of Miranda’s maternal grandmother can be seen here.

Miranda’s distant Bishir ancestors were Alsatian German.

Cosgrove in 2010

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Curious about ethnicity

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  1. bablah says:

    Her paternal grandparents are possibly Joseph C. Cosgrove and Dorothy Stevenson. I think her father was possibly born in Louisiana.

    This is Joseph’s death record:

  2. Hill says:

    Rose Leslie has the same ethnicity and looks completely different. I think there might be something else apart from the Mexican.

  3. neiltennant says:

    She was asked on twitter several times and she said IRISH, GERMAN RUSSIAN and those countries

    why she lied?

  4. Hill says:

    Bishir can’t be a European surname.

    • bearboy says:

      She must be mixed race being part Irish. Like you said earlier, “To me you are not white” to someone who is half Irish.

      • luckystar says:

        her mexican mother cant pass for irish, looks latina mixed with indigenous like many mexicans are

        • neiltennant says:

          after all the years you hated me and wrote i should be banned from this site and i cried and said no she must be asian or mexican

          and now we all can see

          1/8th mexican

          • bearboy says:

            Banned? I think you should be promoted on this website, or at least be an administrator. You were right all along that Miranda Cosgrove is 1/8 Mexican and I idolize you for that. You’re the best genealogist I’ve ever heard of. Please, make us a long list of every celebrity on this website from most Turkish looking to least. You’re the man @Neiltennant keep up the great comments.

          • neiltennant says:

            No i was never been banned

            but some people said here


            he claims that Brandon Urie looks asian

            he claims that brooke burke is asian

            in the most cases i was right

          • bearboy says:

            I am agreeing with you, you are right and should be made an administrator of ethnic celebs. I am not doubting you on this but mind sending a link to where she said she has Russian ancestry only because I can’t find it.

          • neiltennant says:

            WHAT COMES NEXT ?


          • bearboy says:

            Yes, Chinese ancestry is very common for Ashkenazi Jews like Roseanne Barr.

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