Mike Malloy

Birth Name: Michael Dennis Malloy

Place of Birth: Toledo, Ohio, U.S.

Date of Birth: July 1, 1942

*father – Irish
*maternal grandfather – Italian
*maternal grandmother – German, some English and Welsh

Mike Malloy is an American, progressive, radio broadcaster. He is based in Atlanta.

Mike’s paternal grandfather was Michael Patrick Malloy (the son of Patrick Malloy and Delia McCormick). Mike’s great-grandfather Patrick was born in Ireland, the son of Michael Malloy and Elizabeth Minnock. Delia was born in New York, the daughter of Irish parents, James Francis Chapman and Catherine Hart.

Mike’s paternal grandmother was Nora G. Loftus (the daughter of Simon Loftus and Margaret Bolander). Simon was born in Ireland, the son of James Loftus and Catherine Garry. Margaret was also Irish, the daughter of Patrick J. Boland and Ellen Drudy.

Mike’s maternal grandfather was Angelo Dantico (the son of Raffaele Dantico and Congetta Zoma). Angelo was born in Letino, Caserta, Campania, Italy.

Mike’s maternal grandmother was Laura Mae Allen (the daughter of Elihu Perry Allen and Cora Alice Groff). Elihu was born in Ohio, the son of Henry A. Allen and Elizabeth Ann Gatchell. Cora was born in Ohio, the daughter of Benjamin Franklin Groff and Clarinda Alice Ewing Fetters.

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