Michael Bergin

Birth Name: Michael John Bergin

Place of Birth: Naugatuck, Connecticut, U.S.

Date of Birth: March 18, 1969

*62.5% Italian
*31.25% Irish
*6.25% English

Michael Bergin is an American actor, model, and real estate agent.

Michael is married to Joy Tilk, with whom he has two children.

Michael’s paternal grandfather was John Joseph Bergin (the son of Francis Bergin and Rose Marie Fiore). John was born in Connecticut. Francis was the son of Daniel J. Bergin, who was of Irish descent, and of Ellen F. Delaney, the daughter of Irish immigrants. Rose was the daughter of Italian emigrants, from Lucito, Molise, Domenico “Dominic” Fiore and Iullia “Jullia” Ianniruberto.

Michael’s paternal grandmother was Margaret Mary Corbett (the daughter of John Melvin Corbett Jr. and Margaret Lenihan). Michael’s grandmother Margaret was born in Waterbury, Connecticut. John was the son of John Melvin Corbett, Sr., who had deep roots in the U.S, and was of at least mostly English ancestry, and of Rose Ann Doyle, whose parents were Irish. Michael’s great-grandmother Margaret was also Irish.

Michael’s maternal grandfather was named Peter V. Petrucci.

Michael’s maternal grandmother was Angelina J. Codianni (the daughter of Joseph Codianni and Maria DiSomma). Angelina was born in Waterbury, Connecticut, to Italian parents.

Source: Genealogy of Michael Bergin – https://www.familysearch.org

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  1. andrew says:

    I considered to post this guy back then.

    Note his Baywatch role in the profile.

    I dont remember exactly how but I knew he is an Irish/Italian mix (the latter dominates though), Google says nothing atm.

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