Max Evans and Thom Evans

Thom Evans

Thom Evans, photo by Prphotos

Birth Name:
*Maxwell Brian Evans (Max)

Place of Birth:
*Torbay, Devon, England, U.K. (Max)
*Harare, Zimbabwe (Thom)

Date of Birth:
*12 September, 1983 (Max)
*2 April, 1985 (Thom)

Ethnicity: English, Scottish, Welsh

Max Evans and Thom Evans are Scottish international rugby union players. Thom is also a model.

They are the children Sally (Thom) and Brian Evans, a professional golfer. Their father’s first cousin is television presenter and radio DJ Chris Evans.

Max and Thom’s maternal grandfather was named Fred Thom. Fred was Scottish, from Glasgow.


Genealogies of Max Evans and Thomas Evans –


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  1. andrew says:

    Tag: “rugby” and “zimbabwean”

    Sons of Sally (Thom) and Brian Evans, a golfer.

    Paternal grandparents were Martin Joseph Evans, born in Manchester, England, and Minnie Beardsall, also from Lancashire.

    Maternal grandfather was named Fred Thom, and was Scottish, from Glasgow.

    Chris Evans is their father’s cousin

    I hope it’s alright

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