Marcelo Azcárraga Palmero

Date of Birth: 1 September, 1832

Place of Birth: Intramuros, Manila, Spanish East Indies

Date of Death: 30 May, 1915

Place of Death: Madrid, Spain

Ethnicity: Basque, Spanish [Andalusian, Castilian]

Marcelo Azcárraga Palmero was a Spanish soldier and politician. He was Prime Minister of Spain, from 8 August, 1897 to 4 October, 1897, from 23 October, 1900 to 6 March, 1901, and again, from 16 December, 1904 to 25 January, 1905. He was also Minister of the Spanish Royal Navy, from 23 October, 1900 to 31 October, 1900, and Minister of War of Spain, from 5 July, 1890 to 11 December, 1892.

Prime Minister Azcárraga Palmero’s father, José Manuel Azcárraga y Ugarte, was Basque, from Oñati, Gipuzkoa. His mother, María Isidra Palmero y Verzosa, was born in Manila. Some reports state that María was a mestiza from Albay. However, this is not accurate.

Prime Minister Azcárraga Palmero was married to Margarita Fesser y Diago, until her death, with whom he had five children.

Prime Minister Azcárraga Palmero’s patrilineal line can be traced back to his eleventh great-grandfather, Juan Martínez de Azcárraga.

Prime Minister Azcárraga Palmero’s paternal grandfather was Pedro Antonio Azcárraga y Astorquiza (the son of Pedro Lucas Azcárraga y Gómez de Berganzo and Teresa Antonia Astorquiza y Gaztelu). Pedro Antonio was born in Oñati, Gipuzkoa. Pedro Lucas was the son of Gabriel Antonio Azcárraga y Bengoechea and María Josefa Gómez de Berganzo y Corcóstegui. Teresa was the daughter of Diego Gregorio Astorquiza y Urreta and María Magdalena Gaztelu y Ugarte Cortázar.

Prime Minister Azcárraga Palmero’s paternal grandmother was María Josefa Ugarte y Balzategui (the daughter of Juan Ángel Ugarte Madina and Juana Antonia Balzategui Cortabarría). Josefa was born in Oñati, Gipuzkoa. Ángel was the son of Bautista Ugarte y and María Antonia Madina Gárate. Juana was the daughter of Isidro Pedro Balzategui Cortázar and María Josefa Cortabarría Corcóstegui.

Prime Minister Azcárraga Palmero’s maternal grandfather was named Andrés Palmero. Andrés was Spanish, from Ronda, Málaga.

Prime Minister Azcárraga Palmero’s maternal grandmother was Rita Verzosa y Araoz (the daughter of Vicente Verzosa y Oglive and Josefa Araoz y Uriarte). Rita was born in Manila. Vicente was the son of José Verzosa y Lodeña Mora, who was Spanish, from Torrelaguna, Madrid, and of Isabel Oglive. The surname Oglive is of Scottish origin. However, it is unclear if this is accurate. Prime Minister Palmero’s great-grandmother Josefa was the daughter of Fausto Nicolás Araoz y Araoz, who was Basque, from Oñati, Gipuzkoa, and of María Francisca de Uriarte y Aguirre. All of María Francisca’s ancestors were Basque and Spanish.

Prime Minister Azcárraga Palmero’s matrilineal line can be traced to his ninth great-grandmother, María Duro de la Llana (baptized 9 February 1547, Priego, Cuenca).

He is a third cousin, four times removed, of singer and songwriter Rico Blanco.

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