Mandell Maughan

Mandell Maughan – 2017 Summer TCA Tour – CBS Television Studios’ Summer Soiree – Arrivals – CBS Lot in Studio City – Los Angeles, CA, USA – Photo Credit: /

Birth Name: Mandell Rosemarie Maughan

Place of Birth: San Diego, California, United States

Date of Birth: August 24, 1983

*75% Portuguese
*25% English, likely some Welsh

Mandell Maughan is an American film and television actress.

Mandell’s parents have Portuguese roots. Mandell’s father also has English, and likely some Welsh, ancestry. Her mother is pictured here.

Mandell’s paternal grandfather was Benjamin Brown “Ben” Maughan, II (the son of Benjamin Brown “Ben” Maughan and Mary Elizabeth Davis). Mandell’s great-grandfather Benjamin was the son of Michael Edwin Maughan, whose parents were from Northumberland, England, and of Clara Newton, who was from Sunderland, England. Mary was the daughter of George William Davis and Mary Elizabeth Pullan/Pullen, who was from Yorkshire, England.

Mandell’s paternal grandmother was Algerina N. Freitas (the daughter of John Freitas and Augustina). Algerina was born in Massachusetts, to parents from Portugal.

Mandell’s maternal grandfather was surnamed Correia.

Mandell’s maternal grandmother was surnamed Virissimo.

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