Maggie Lindemann

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Birth Name: Margaret Elizabeth Lindemann

Place of Birth: Dallas, Texas, U.S.

Date of Birth: July 21, 1998

Ethnicity: English, German, Irish, Scots-Irish/Northern Irish, Scottish, Welsh

Maggie Lindemann is an American singer and songwriter.

Her father was born in Corpus Christi, Texas. Her mother was born in Austin, Texas.

Maggie’s patrilineal ancestry can be traced to her fourth great-grandfather, Peter Lindemann (November 16, 1816, Remkersleben, Wanzleben, Saxony-Anhalt, Germany – October 12, 1887, Comfort, Texas)

Maggie’s paternal grandfather is Otto Barton Lindemann (the son of Otto Fred Lindemann, Jr. and Myrtie Jane “Myrt” Burt). Maggie’s grandfather Otto was born in Texas. Maggie’s great-grandfather Otto was of German descent, was the son of Otto Fred Lindemann and Adela “Adele” Ingenhuett. Myrtie was the daughter of Joseph Aloysius Burt and Esther Sarah Middleton.

Maggie’s paternal grandmother is Donna Sue McGee (the daughter of Mark Alonzo McGee, Jr. and Oretha Ethel Cazee). Donna was born in Texas. Mark was the son of Marcus Alonzo “Mark” McGee and Myrtle Josie Packwood.

Maggie’s maternal grandfather is named Richard Edwin “Dick” Denson. Richard was born in Tarrant, Texas, and was adopted by William Benjamin Denson and Alma Myrl Hill.

Maggie’s maternal grandmother is Bonnie Gay Uhr (the daughter of Robert Jones Uhr and Margaret Thekla Richter). Bonnie was born in Texas. Robert was of German descent, and was the son of Robert Franklin Uhr and Alvina Elizabeth Tampke. Margaret was also of German descent, and was the daughter of Rudolph Berthold Richter and Emilie Weilbacher.

Maggie’s matrilineal ancestry can be traced to her third great-grandmother, Thekla Weilbacher (December 3, 1847, Germany – January 24, 1910, New Braunfels, Texas).

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  1. Erik1714 says:

    May I ask where the information about your maternal grandfather being adopted came from?

    If this is the case he must have adopted immediately after birth, in his birth certificate he appears as the son of William and Alma.

  2. nn.ghimn14 says:

    Tbh Maggie lindemann kinda looks italian. There are many girls in italy who look like her (mostly in northern regions). She has a thin nose and brown cat eyes, pale skin, and dark hair like many northern italian girls

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