Lindsey Kraft

LOS ANGELES – FEB 19: Kraft arrives for the 21st CDGA (Costume Designers Guild Awards) on February 19, 2019 in Beverly Hills, CA, photo by DFree/

Birth Name: Lindsey Brooke Kraft

Place of Birth: Manhasset, New York, U.S.

Date of Birth: January 23, 1983

Ethnicity: Ashkenazi Jewish

Lindsey Kraft is an American actress, model, writer, singer, songwriter, and pianist. Her roles include the series Third Watch, Getting On, Grace and Frankie, Living Biblically, Dirty John, Why Women Kill, Them, and Obliterated.

Her family is Jewish. She was raised on Long Island, New York.

Lindsey’s maternal grandfather was named Samuel “Sam” Gruda.

Lindsey’s maternal grandmother was named Molly M.

Source: Obituary of Lindsey’s maternal grandparents, Samuel “Sam” Gruda and Molly M. –

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  1. andrew says:

    She’s beautiful

    • passingtime85 says:

      Bargain version of Lake Bell.

      • andrew says:

        Lake Bell has an hotter body, but more masculine face. The woman above also gimme an Alexandra Daddario vibe too (both have some sort of Eastern Euro look).

        • andrew says:


          I love this kind of interaction.

          • passingtime85 says:

            I’ve seen Lindsey Kraft in motion, and she doesn’t typically look as well as she does in this still photograph. Look up some clips of her work, to my eye she often looks unhealthy. I love shooting the breeze as much as the next guy, but I could imagine these comments getting pruned. After all, it isn’t particularly pertinent to heritage.

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