Lianne La Havas

La Havas in 2016, photo by Prphotos

Birth Name: Lianne Charlotte Barnes

Place of Birth: Wandsworth, London, England, U.K.

Date of Birth: 23 August, 1989

*Greek (father)
*African-Jamaican (mother)

Lianne La Havas is a British singer, songwriter, and record producer.

She was born in London, England, the daughter of Lorraine (Barnes) and Henry Vlahavas. Her father, a bus driver, is originally from Greece. Her mother, an African-Jamaican postwoman, has roots in Christiana, Manchester Parish. They divorced when Lianne was two years old. Lianne was mostly raised by her maternal grandparents, in Tooting and Streatham, London.

Lianne’s stage name, La Havas, is a modification of her father’s surname.

Lianne’s mother is pictured here.


Interview in English –

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  1. Multiethnicchick says:

    Loved Lianne La Havas but recently found that she’s been brainwashed with the racist one drop rule American garbage. She used to proudly identify as mixed race but fed into racist Americans insisting that she has to claim just her mother and not her father. Very disappointing. I hope she gets wise that no one should listen to racist Americans who still have an issue with acknowledging that mixed race people exist.

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