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Birth Name: Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta

Place of Birth: Manhattan, New York City, New York, U.S.

Date of Birth: March 28, 1986

*75% Italian [including Sicilian]
*25% mix of French, English, German, Scottish, and remote Swedish, Irish, and Dutch

Lady Gaga is an American singer, songwriter, record producer, actress, and businessperson. She is known for her eccentric fashion and clothing. She has starred in the films Machete Kills, A Star Is Born, and House of Gucci.

She is the daughter of Cynthia Louise (Bissett), a philanthropist, activist, and entrepreneur, and Joseph Anthony Germanotta, an internet businessperson. Her mother is from Wheeling, West Virginia. Lady Gaga is of three quarters Italian descent, through her father and maternal grandmother. Lady Gaga’s maternal grandfather was of French, English, German, Scottish, and remote Swedish, Irish, and Dutch, ancestry. A picture of Lady Gaga’s mother can be seen here. Her sister is fashion designer and stylist Natali Germanotta.

Lady Gaga has pointed out similarities she shares with pop idol Madonna, including being of heavily Italian origin, starting out in the New York underground scene, and becoming famous when dying their hair blonde. The two are not related through common French-Canadian roots, despite press statements to the contrary (see here).

Lady Gaga’s patrilineal ancestry can be traced back to her fifth great-grandfather, Giovanni Germanotta, and to his wife Antonia Leonetto.

Lady Gaga’s paternal grandfather was Joseph/Giuseppe Anthony Germanotta (the son of Antonino “Anthony” Germanotta and Rosaria “Rose” Lipari or Galipo). Joseph was born in New Jersey. Antonino, a shoemaker, was born, c. 1881, in Naso, Province of Messina, Sicily, Italy, and was the son of Francesco Germanotta and Rosaria Guerriero/Gumina. He moved to the U.S. in 1904 with Lady Gaga’s great-grandmother Rosaria, who was also born in Naso. Rosaria was a peasant, who was the daughter of Antonio Lipiari/Lipari and Benedetta Merendino.

Lady Gaga’s paternal grandmother is named Angelina/Angeline C. Calderone (who is possibly the daughter of Antonio Calderone). Angelina is of Italian descent. Lady Gaga has used the male alias Jo Calderone, after her grandmother’s name. Antonio was born in Santa Lucia del Mele, Messina, Sicily.

Lady Gaga’s maternal grandfather was Paul Douglas Bissett (the son of George Lindsey/Linsey Bissett and Sarah Ann “Sally” Leach). Paul was born in West Virginia, and had French, English, German, Scottish, and remote Swedish, Irish, and Dutch, ancestry. George was the son of John Bissett and Wilhelmina “Minnie” Burghardt. Sarah was the daughter of John Lewis/Lee Leach and Georgianna/Georgeann W. Morningstar.

Lady Gaga’s maternal grandmother is Veronica Rose Ferrie/Ferri (the daughter of Vincenzo/Giacomo “James” Ferri/Ferrie and Filomena/Fleminia G. “Minnie”/”Fannie” Campagna/Campana/Cambangnia). Veronica was born in West Virginia, to Italian parents, from Brocco, Province of Caserta, Campania, now Broccostella, Province of Frosinone, Lazio. Filomena was the daughter of Giovanni/John Campagna.

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Lady Gaga in 2010, photo by kathclick/


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  1. italiano90 says:

    She mentioned last night also having ancestry traced back to Venice.

  2. Gavinboi says:

    How much French-Canadian ancestry does she have? Her Bissett line has no family that ever settled in Canada, and it just traces back to France for a fifth-great-grandfather.

  3. danishcookie7 says:

    I’d also like to add that Gaga will start filming “Gucci” next Spring as she’ll play the role of Patrizia Regianni. I thought it was an odd choice at first until I saw this picture

    They don’t look exactly alike but I think Gaga could pull this off. It’s still crazy to me that they casted Adam Driver to play as Maurizio since Adam Driver doesn’t even look european. He’s too racially ambiguous and has dark eyes whereas Maurizio had blue eyes. Hollywood…

    • coco says:

      Not all Europeans look Nordic lol Plenty of Europeans have dark hair, brown eyes & some have olive skin… a lot of these swarthy looks can be found in Italy, Greece, Albania, the list goes on… so to say Adam Driver doesn’t “look European” is a stretch.

  4. danishcookie7 says:

    A photo of her mother from back in the day

  5. danishcookie7 says:

    @Italiano90 As an italian myself I don’t think any group of people are ugly but I am aware of the white worshipping that occurs in some asian countries. Countries that also practice anti black sentiments for the purpose of impressing “the white man”. So please do not praise white people like we’re gods or something. Reading comments like this is strange. It doesn’t come off as a genuine love and respect for Italian culture but more so excessive need to assimilate into white spaces.

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