Kit Harington

Kit Harington

Harington in 2011, image via kathclick/

Birth Name: Christopher Catesby Harington

Place of Birth: Acton, Hammersmith, London, England, U.K.

Date of Birth: 26 December, 1986

Ethnicity: English, with some Scottish, Northern Irish, Welsh, and Dutch, as well as distant Spanish (roughly 1/128th), German, French, and European Royal

Kit Harington is an English actor. He is the son of Deborah Jane (Catesby), a playwright, and Sir David Richard Harington, 15th Baronet, a businessperson. Kit is married to Scottish actress Rose Leslie, with whom he has a son.

He was named after playwright Christopher Marlowe, whose first name had also been shortened to Kit.

Kit’s father is from a prominent family, with the Haringtons deriving their name from their estate, a lordship in Cumberland. He has traceable genealogy going back before the 1500s, and including many Earls, Dukes, Baronets, Peers, and Viscounts, as well as Kit’s paternal eight times great-grandfather, Charles II of England (1630-1685), who was King of England, Scotland, and Ireland, from 1660 to 1685, and King of Scotland, from 1649 to 1651. Among Kit’s other ancestors are bacon merchant T. A. Denny, clergyman Baptist Wriothesley Noel, and Henry Dundas, 1st Viscount Melville, who was a Scottish advocate and Tory politician. Many of Kit’s mother’s ancestors lived in India and South Africa as part of colonialism/European settlements.

Most of Kit’s ancestry is English, along with some Scottish, Northern Irish, Welsh, and Dutch, roots. As well, one of his great-great-great-great-great-grandmothers, Rafaela del Gardo, was Spanish, born in Minorca, one of the Balearic Islands of Spain. If both of Rafaela’s parents were Spanish, that would make Kit of 1/128th Spanish ancestry. Kit also has distant German and French ancestry.

Though his descent from Charles II, Kit is a distant cousin of Australian actor Dacre Montgomery, and of Kit’s wife Rose Leslie, who are also descended from Charles II.

Kit’s paternal grandfather was John Charles Dundas Harington (the son of Sir Richard Harington, 12th Baronet, and of Selina Louisa Grace Dundas). John was born in Simla, India. Sir Richard was a High Sheriff of Herefordshire, and a judge for the British Empire in Bengal, India. He was the son of Sir Richard Harington, 11th Baronet, and of Frances Agnata Biscoe. Selina was the daughter of Charles Saunders Melville Dundas, 6th Viscount Melville of Melville, and of Grace Selina Marion Scully.

Kit’s paternal grandmother was Lavender Cecilia Denny (the daughter of Ernest Wriothesley Denny and Lois Marjorie Legge). Lavender was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, to English parents. Ernest was the son of Thomas Anthony Denny and Mary Jane Noel. Lois was the daughter of Edward Henry Legge and Cordelia Twysden/Turyden Molesworth.

Kit’s maternal grandfather was Maurice William Catesby (the son of William Charles Catesby and Gladys Lilian Florence Bascomb). Maurice was born in Hendon, Middlesex, England. Kit’s great-grandfather William was the son of William Edward Catesby and Elizabeth Dunton. Gladys was the daughter of Alfred Theodore Bascomb and Martha Jane Hudson.

Kit’s maternal grandmother is Philippa Mary Evans (the daughter of Thomas Charles Cann Evans and Isabella Dorothy Joyce Dennys). Philippa was born in Kensington, London, England. Kit’s great-grandfather Thomas, who was born in St Thomas, Devon, England, was the son of Thomas George Cann Evans and Mary Bond, and was a Major in the Royal Australian Army Medical Corps.

Kit’s great-grandmother Isabella was an artist, known professionally as Joyce Dennys. Isabella was born in Simla, India, the daughter of Charles John Dennys and Lucy Winewood Tulloch, and had Dutch, Scottish, German, English, and distant French, ancestry. Biographical material on Isabella, as well as two pictures, can be found here.

Kit’s matrilineal line can be traced back to his great-great-great-great-grandmother, Rachel Susan Gibbon, who was born c. 1810.

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  1. Sage says:

    Could’ve have chosen a better pic of him…

  2. HamarFFox says:

    While he has a good deal of Dutch (and German) ancestry by way of South Africa, I’m not sure they were actually Afrikaner. I was able to trace every South African-born ancestor’s lineage back to Europe, without exception. Most, if not all, Afrikaners have reasonably significant non-European ancestry, and , provided the personal trees I studied were correct, Kit has none. Because Kit’s South African ancestors were clearly blue bloods, given the titles and rank many have, this is probably why they remained insulated from intermarriage with ethnic Afrikaners, who were common folk.

    There are two ancestors I’ve found so far whom I can’t trace back to Europe. One is Lucy Winewood, born 1832 in India (British subject). She is his matrilineal ancestor. Since you name Rachel Susan Gibbon, born 1810, as his matrilineal ancestor, it seems you’ve gone back an additional generation to me, and she must be Lucy’s mother. However, I can’t find her in anyone’s tree or in any records.

    The other is Grace Selina Marion Scully born in 1844 in Rio De Janeiro. Her father is reportedly a William Scully. I can’t find anything on the mother.

  3. Devotion says:

    Hey Kit, so what’s your ethnicity?

    Well I’m English, Irish, French, Scottish, Dutch, Austrian….

    *falls asleep*

    Italian, Polish, Spanish, Lithuanian….

    *wakes up*

    And German…I think that’s it.

  4. California says:

    He looks 100% Spanish.

    • J420 says:

      Most British people have Spanish blood, both nations are of R1B DNA.

      • Alice says:

        R1b is ydna and it is from the Steppes. Also the most common R1b in Britain and Ireland is L21 and in Spain it is DF27 so different subclades. Most British and Irish don’t have Spanish blood.

        • J420 says:

          Wrong. Most of the British descend from the ancient Basques and that has been proven countless times. They didn’t just pop up in the UK from out of nowhere.

          • Alice says:

            J420 – I think you need to do some research. Most British are not descended from ancient Basque. This is from an old and outdated study. Are you getting your information from Oppenheimer which is a very old study and has been shown to be incorrect?

            Latest dna evidence is that R1b spread with Yamnaya from the Pontic-Caspian Steppes. There is no dispute about this. R1b is actually young in Europe and was spread in the Bronze Age. It is not from the Franco-Cantabrian Ice Age Refuge.

            Autosomally British and Irish and Scots in particular are distant to the Basque.



            There is loads of information on this if you want to research.

            British descend from Basque is completely inaccurate and has not been proven countless times. Another study you could look is the the People of the British Isles study. These are very recent genetic studies.

          • crunty says:

            The comments on here get more ridiculous and hilarious every day. I showed this comment to 2 haplotype specialists in Scotland and they burst out laughing for about 5 minutes.

        • J420 says:

          I have heard about Britons descending from Middle Eastern farmers and hunter gatherers before, so this is not old news. That was way before they even entered Europe. I was referring to their closer descendants. Haplogroups have drifted overtime and the British have more in common with the people of Spain than the far east.

          • J420 says:

            Not recent news** I meant..

          • Alice says:

            Why are you talking about Middle Eastern farmers and hunter gatherers when the link I’ve put in is about Yamnaya?

            All Europeans are a mixture of WHG (Western European Hunter Gatherer), EEF (Early European Farmer) and ANE (Ancestral North Eurasian). These are ancient components.

            Haplogroups don’t drift and also the only way to compare populations is with autosomal dna. Populations like the Irish and British cluster with northern Europeans and Spanish and Portuguese cluster with Southern French and Northern Italians.

            Read some good genetic forums that discuss the subject in depth.

            I’m very into dna. I’ve tested with 23andme, Ancestry and FTDNA. It’s a passion of mine.

      • Hill says:

        Very minimal. Spanish and British people look NOTHING alike.

    • J420 says:

      Because the link you sent clearly mentions Middle Eastern farmers and hunter gathers as well as Yamnaya.

      Haplogroups HAVE drifted and changed through the period of evolution. British and Irish people definitely do not cluster with Northern Europeans as much, in fact they are much less related to them than they are with the Spanish.

      The UK is an extremely diverse melting pot of different genetic male up which has changed it from what it use to be. It has been conquered so many times that you cannot implement them as one group of people.

      • HamarFFox says:

        This is the problem that always arises when people who obviously know nothing about a subject nonetheless feel their voice should be heard.

        British people are not ‘extremely diverse’. No part of the British Isles is significantly genetically different from any other, and many studies identify British Isles populations as among the world’s least admixed (in terms of significantly divergent components). Also, ‘northern Europeans’ aren’t a genetically homogeneous group, so while it is correct that Britons are more related to Spaniards than they are to, say, Finns, it is certainly *not* true that Britons are more related to Spaniards than they are to Dutch, Danes, Northern Germans, Belgians etc.

        “which has changed it from what it use to be.”

        Not at all. All ancient genomes from Britain that have been analysed have been genetically similar to modern Britons.

        Judging by how wrong you are about everything, I’m guessing you’re a member of The Apricity.

    • Hill says:

      sorry but having less than 1% spanish or anything else isn’t enough to affect the way someone looks. you can stop this conversation.

      • andrew says:


        This is how this site works. To be 1/16 Maltese or genetically 0.1% SSA can dramatically be more important than anything else.

      • blue says:

        The DNA results of british and american people (White) have between 2,7 or 10 % of iberian península DNA in them wihtout having families of spanish origin (from spain). If you have a relative of spanish origin, or even french or italian (wich have iberian península dna) increases the resaults.

        In spain we have dna from british island, west europe, italian and scandinavian dna.

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