Kentucker Audley

Audley in 2014, photo by kathclick/

Birth Name: Andrew Michael Nenninger

Place of Birth: Lexington, Kentucky, U.S.

Date of Birth: November 13, 1981

Ethnicity: German, English, around 5/32 French/French-Canadian, some Irish

Kentucker Audley is an American filmmaker and actor.

He is married to Caroline White.

Kentucker’s paternal grandfather was Milford Roger Nenninger (the son of John August Nenninger and Annie Kate Snider). Milford was born in Missouri. John was born in Missouri, to German parents, August Nenninger and Caroline Lambrecht. Annie was born in Missouri, the daughter of Thomas M. Snider and Mary E. Manning.

Kentucker’s paternal grandmother was Gladys Mary Moore (the daughter of Felix Eldon Moore and Laura Mary Roy). Gladys was born in Missouri. Felix was born in Missouri, the son of Henry Isadore Moore and Mary Elizabeth Hart. Laura was born in Missouri, the daughter of Thomas Jefferson Roy, whose father was of French-Canadian descent, and of Catherine Elizabeth Elder.

Kentucker’s maternal grandfather was Leonard H. Billet (the son of August Justin Victor Nicholas “Gustave” Billet and Elizabeth Reichel). Leonard was born in Missouri. August was born in Missouri, to French parents, Victor Billet and Maria “Josephine” Bouvier. Elizabeth was born in Missouri, the daughter of Ulrich Reichel, whose parents were German, and of Catherine Koerber, whose parents were also German.

Kentucker’s maternal grandmother was Marie Anne Welschmeyer (the daughter of Gerhard M. Welschmeyer and Anna Pohl/Poehl). Kentucker’s grandmother Marie Anne was born in Missouri. Gerhard was born in Missouri, the son of John Eberhard Welschmeyer/Welshmeyer, who was German, and of Elisabeth Dill, whose parents were German. Kentucker’s great-grandmother Anna was born in Missouri, the daughter of John M. Pohl/Poehl and Anna Cordilla Schieffers.

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