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Birth Name: Robert Kelly Slater

Place of Birth: Cocoa Beach, Florida, U.S.

Date of Birth: February 11, 1972

Ethnicity: Syrian-Lebanese (one eighth), English, Irish, German, Scots-Irish/Northern Irish

Kelly Slater is an American professional surfer, author, actor, model, environmental activist, businessperson, and innovator. With his tanned skin and hazel/green eyes, he has an intriguing background.

Kelly is the son of Judith and Stephen Slater, a bait store proprietor. His maternal great-grandfather was Syrian-Lebanese. The rest of Kelly’s ancestry is English, Irish, German, and Scots-Irish/Northern Irish. Kelly has one daughter.

Kelly’s paternal grandfather was Burney Parker Slater (the son of Emmet/Emmett Hill Slater and Maude Blount Atkins). Burney was born in Tennessee. Emmet was the son of Oscar Littleberry Slater and Martha Ann/Anna Flack. Maude was the daughter of James Alexander Atkins and Lauinia Tipton.

Kelly’s paternal grandmother was Millison Slayton Ranney (the daughter of LeRoy Wilson Ranney and Millison Cutler Farr). Kelly’s grandmother Millison was born in Michigan. Kelly’s great-grandmother Millison was the daughter of George A. Farr and Susan Cornelia Slayton.

Kelly’s maternal grandfather was William Bryant Moriarity (the son of Walter G. Moriarty and Wilhelmina/Willimena/Wilmine A. “Minnie” Dobmeier/Dobbmeir). William was born in Maryland. Walter was the son of Eugene Moriarty, who was born in Ireland, and of Amelia/Emilia/Emelia Pierce, who was born in England. Wilhelmina was born in Minnesota, the daughter of German parents, Christoff “Crist”/”Christ”/”Christopher” Dobmeier and Franciska/Franzisca Maria “Frances” Tauscher/Taucher.

Kelly’s maternal grandmother was Helen Amin (the daughter of Hassan Amin and Mary Mickey). Helen was born in New York or Pennsylvania. Hassan was born in Beirut, Lebanon. Mary was the daughter of Lewis Augustus Mickey and Ida Caroline E. “Carrie” Shuman; Lewis was the son of David W. Muecke/Mickey and Harriet Craumer.

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  1. ThomasG97 says:

    Does Syrian-Lebanese mean that he’s from both Syrian and Lebanese ancestry? Or does this mean he is only from Syrian or Lebanese ancestry?

  2. andrew says:

    genealogy of Kelly’s paternal grandfather, Burney Parker Slater –

    genealogy of Kelly’s paternal great-grandfather, Emmet Hill Slater (focusing on his father’s side) –

    genealogy of Kelly’s paternal great-great-grandmother, Martha Ann Flack (focusing on her father’s side) –

    “Flack” line is Scots-Irish

  3. andrew says:

    the first link is the genealogy of a wrong man, “James D. Bogle”.

    Add this:

    * Mary was the daughter of Lewis Augustus Mickey (son of David W. Mickey/Muecke and Harriet Craumer) and Caroline E. “Carrie” Shuman

  4. Capricious says:

    Maybe if he had dark eyes.

    His eyes are creepy…lool

  5. cwm85 says:

    Are you a mad or woman?

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