Katoucha Niane

Birth Name: Khadiatou Tamsir Niane

Date of Birth: 23 October, 1960

Place of Birth: Conakry, Guinea

Date of Death: 2 February, 2008

Place of Death: Paris, France

Ethnicity: Guinean [Fulani, Mandinka, Bambara], some Malian

Katoucha Niane was a Guinean fashion model, activist, and author. She was one of the first African top models, and was the muse of Yves Saint Laurent during the 1980s. She was nicknamed “The Fulani Princess” and “The Peul Princess.” She was also known simply as Katoucha.

Katoucha was born in Conakry, Guinea, to an upper-class family. Her mother, Hadja Aissatou Diallo, was a secretary, and her father, Djibril Tamsir Niane, was a famous historian, playwright, and short story writer. She spent part of her childhood in Mali and Dakar, Senegal. Katoucha had three children, including British model Aiden Curtiss.

Katoucha’s paternal grandfather was named Daouda Tamsir Niane. Daouda was from Senegal.

Katoucha’s paternal grandmother was Aissata Sam (the daughter of Amadou Diawando Sam and Yèbé Diarra). Aissata was born in Youkounkoun, Fouta Djalon region, Guinea. Yèbé was the daughter of Kembou Diarra, who was from Ségou, Mali, and of Saran Keita, who was of Malinke/Mandinka descent.

Sources: https://maitron.fr

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    Add Bambara to the ethnicity and tags since Diarra is a Bambara name and Segou is majority Bambara.

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