Karlie Kloss

2011 Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Gala - Arrivals

Kloss in 2011, photo by PrPhotos

Birth Name: Karlie Elizabeth Kloss

Place of Birth: Chicago, Illinois, U.S.

Date of Birth: August 3, 1992

Ethnicity: German, one eighth Danish, one eighth Bohemian Czech, possibly one eighth Polish

Karlie Kloss is an American model and entrepreneur.

Karlie is the daughter of Tracy and Kurt Kloss.

She is married to businessperson and investor Joshua Kushner, with whom she has one child. Karlie is a convert to Orthodox Judaism, Joshua’s religion.

Karlie’s paternal grandfather is Bernard V. Kloss (the son of Theodore Kloss and Ella Dorthea Viejen). Bernard was born in Pennsylvania. Theodore was born in Poland, and was of either ethnic Polish or German descent. Ella was born in Denmark, the daughter of Jens Johan Jensen Viejen and Christine Maria Jorgensen.

Karlie’s paternal grandmother is Stella May Helmstetter (the daughter of Earl William Helmstetter and Mary Rose Ernst). Stella was born in Maryland, and has German ancestry. Earl was the son of William Helmstetter and Louisa D. Reinhardt. Mary was the daughter of Thomas Ernst and Mary Berger.

Karlie’s maternal grandfather was LeRoy/Roy William Fares (the son of Leroy Cleveland Fares and Minnie Strunk). Karlie’s grandfather LeRoy was born in Missouri. Karlie’s great-grandfather Leroy was the son of George Fletcher Fares and Ida Rosetta Comer, and was of German descent. Minnie was the daughter of Henry Strunk, whose parents were German, and Anna Janauschek, whose parents were Bohemian Czech.

Karlie’s maternal grandmother was Florence A. Stroh (the daughter of John Henry Stroh and Marie C. Wehrling). Florence was born in Illinois, to parents of German descent. John was the son of Urban H. Stroh and Johanna Rosine Kron.

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  1. bablah says:

    >Mary Rose Ernst).
    >Mary was the daughter of Thomas Ernst and Mary Berger.

    >LeRoy/Roy William Fares
    >Leroy Cleveland Fares
    >Minnie was the daughter of Henry Strunk and Anna Janauschek.

    *Henry’s parents were German, and Anna’s were Czech/Bohemian.

    >John Henry Stroh
    >Marie C. Wehrling
    >Illinois, to parents of German descent. John was the son of Urban H. Stroh and Johanna Rosine Kron.

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