Kam Heskin

Heskin in 2004, photo by Starfrenzy/www.bigstockphoto.com/

Birth Name: Kam Erika Heskin

Place of Birth: Grand Forks, North Dakota, U.S.

Date of Birth: May 8, 1973

Ethnicity: Danish, Norwegian, Dutch, Belgian/Walloon, German, Scottish, English

Kam Heskin is an American actress.

Kam’s paternal grandfather was Norman L. Heskin (the son of Norval/Norvald Heskin and Maria/Marie). Norval was born in North Dakota, to Norwegian parents. Maria’s father was also Norwegian.

Kam’s paternal grandmother was Irene Evelyn Hanson (the daughter of John Hanson and Clara Josephine). Irene was born in Portland, North Dakota. John was born in North Dakota, to a father from Denmark and a mother from Norway. Clara was born in Minnesota, to a Norwegian father and a mother from Illinois.

Kim’s maternal grandfather was Arthur Walton Kamhoot (the son of Charles Willem “Bill” Kamhoot and Marion W. McIntosh). Arthur was born in Montana. Charles was the son of H. D. Kamhoot, who was Dutch, and of Susan Ann Rahier, whose father was Belgian and whose mother was German. Marion was the daughter of A. W. McIntosh and Barbara Jamieson.

Kim’s maternal grandmother was Ethel Margaret Baringer (the daughter of Fred H. Baringer and Mary Louisa Truscott). Fred was the son of John Baringer and Lavina A. Smith. Louisa’s parents, Samuel Truscott and Mary Hoskins, were English.

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