Justin Brescia

Brescia in 2019, photo by kathclick/Bigstock.com

Birth Name: Justin Robert Brescia

Place of Birth: Orange, California, United States

Date of Birth: March 11, 1982

*37.5% Italian
*25% Ashkenazi Jewish
*25% mix of English, Welsh, and some French
*12.5% Portuguese

Justin Brescia is an American musician, television personality, hairdresser, and actor. He is also known as Justin Bobby. He has appeared on MTV television series The Hills. He is the vocalist, guitarist, and percussionist of Texas-based band BobbyrocK.

His father is of Italian and one quarter Portuguese descent. His mother is of Ashkenazi Jewish descent on one side, and of English, Welsh, and French ancestry on the other. On his mother’s side, Justin is also a descendant of Bartolomeo/Bartholomew Taliaferro, an Italian, who was born, c. 1562, in Venice, Italy, and who moved to England and married an Englishwoman, Joane Lane.

Justin’s paternal grandfather was Anthony James “Tony” Brescia (the son of Rocco/Rucco Brescia and Adeline Silveira/Silvera). Anthony was born in Massachusetts, to an Italian father and Portuguese mother.

Justin’s paternal grandmother was Marie/Mary Carmella Grassia (the daughter of Ralph Vincent Grassia and Louise Veronica Ruggiero). Marie was born in Massachusetts. Ralph was born in Massachusetts, to Italian parents, Antonio Grassia and Mary Liberty. Louise was born in New York, also to parents from Italy, Joseph Ruggiero and Nancy Restuccia/Rustuccia.

Justin’s maternal grandfather was vocalist, songwriter, actor, nightclub comic, television writer, and author Trustin Howard (born Howard Trustin Slavin, the son of Julius Brandes “Jule” Slavin/Slaven and Charlotte “Lottie” Feldman/Fieldman). Trustin was born in Illinois. Julius was born in Nebraska, to Russian Jewish/Ukrainian Jewish parents, Joseph Brandes and Kate Trustin/Slavin. Charlotte was born in Illinois, also to Russian Jewish parents, Joseph Feldman and Lizzie Blumenthal.

Justin’s maternal grandmother was Doris Bernice Baker (the daughter of Wayne Earl Baker and Corlinda May “Clenda” Warren). Doris was born in Kansas. Wayne was born in either Kansas or Missouri, the son of William Robert Baker and Maud Bernice Hendricks. Corlinda was born in Colorado, the daughter of Henry Warren, whose parents were English, and of Dorice, who was from Colorado.

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