Juan Luis Guerra

BMI Latin Awards 2010 - Arrivals

Birth Name: Juan Luis Guerra Seijas

Place of Birth: Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Date of Birth: June 7, 1957

Ethnicity: Dominican Republic (Spanish, possibly other), 1/8th Venezuelan

Juan Luis Guerra is a Dominican singer, songwriter, composer, and producer. He is the son of basketball player Gilberto Guerra Pacheco and Olga Altagracia Seijas Herrero. He is married to Nora Vega, and has two children.

Juan Luis’ paternal grandparents were Juan Guerra Figueredo (the son of Calixto María Guerra Tejeda and Esperanza Figueredo) and Irene Pacheco. Calixto was the son of Juan Guerra and Ramona Tejeda. Esperanza was the daughter of an unknown father and Hipólita Figueredo.

Juan Luis’ maternal grandfather was José Seijas Cuesta (the son of Manuel Seijas Dorta and María de Regla Cuesta Romero). Manuel was born in Caracas, Venezuela, the son of José Seijas and Gabriela Dorta. María de Regla was the daughter of Marcos Cuesta and Marta Romero.

Juan Luis’ maternal grandmother was Adelinda Herrero Hernández (the daughter of parents surnamed Herrero and Hernández).

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