José Ramos-Horta

Birth Name: José Manuel Ramos-Horta

Place of Birth: Dili, Portuguese Timor (now East Timor)

Date of Birth: 26 December, 1949

*75% Portuguese
*25% Timorese

José Ramos-Horta is an East Timorese politician. He has been President of East Timor, since 20 May 2022, and, previously, from 20 May, 2007 to 11 February, 2008, his assassination attempt, and 17 April, 2008, his return, to 20 May, 2012. He was also Prime Minister of East Timor, from 26 June, 2006 to 19 May, 2007.

His father, Francisco Horta, was Portuguese, from Figueira da Foz, Coimbra. His mother, Natalina Ramos Filipe, was Timorese, of half Portuguese descent.

President Ramos-Horta has a son with his former wife, politician Ana Maria Pessoa Pereira da Silva Pinto, more commonly known as Ana Pessoa Pinto. Ana was Minister of Justice, from 20 September, 2001 to 19 March, 2003.

President Ramos-Horta’s paternal grandfather was named António Luís Horta.

President Ramos-Horta’s paternal grandmother was named Beatriz dos Santos Leite.

President Ramos-Horta’s maternal grandfather was Arsénio José Filipe (the son of José Filipe and Emerciana Ramos). Arsénio was Portuguese, from Lisbon.

President Ramos-Horta’s maternal grandmother was a Timorese woman.

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