Jordan Calloway

07/20/2019 – Jordan Calloway – 2019 Comic-Con International CW’s “Black Lightning” – Arrivals – Hilton Bayfront, 1 Park Boulevard – San Diego, CA, USA – Photo Credit: Sushi /

Date of Birth: October 1990

Ethnicity: African-American

Jordan Calloway is an American actor. He co-stars in the film Countdown and on the shows Black Lightning and Riverdale.

He is the son of cinematographer Joseph Calloway and actress and producer Tony L. Calloway. His parents are both black.

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  1. bablah says:

    Possible birth record:

    I think this is his mother’s birth record:

    I can’t tell for sure which is his biological father, Joseph Calloway or Ulysses Walker.

  2. Ava900 says:

    Why are you going off his parents and not his great-great-grandfather who was Icelandic. Black is not a ethnicity.

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