Jonah Blechman

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Birth Name: Jonah Ethan Blechman

Place of Birth: San Mateo, California, United States

Date of Birth: February 8, 1975

Ethnicity: Ashkenazi Jewish

Jonah Blechman is an American actor. He appeared in This Boy’s Life, playing Leonardo DiCaprio’s character’s friend.

His parents are both Jewish.

Jonah’s paternal grandfather was named Sylvan B. Blechman (the son of Gus Blechman and Mary). Sylvan was born in Pennsylvania, to Russian Jewish parents.

Jonah’s paternal grandmother was named Lenora B. Lippman. Lenora was born in Washington, D.C.

Jonah’s maternal grandfather was Sigmund Lang (the son of Max Lang-Fuld and Karolina “Lina” Straus). Sigmund was a German Jewish immigrant. Karolina was the daughter of Samuel Straus, who was born in Heidelberg, Karlsruhe, and of Wilhelmina Reis, who was born in Bad Rappenau, Stuttgart, both in Baden-Württemberg.

Jonah’s maternal grandmother was Rose/Rosa Sara Israel (the daughter of Marx/Max Israel and Sophie Kaufmann). Rose was born in Waldbrunn, Karlsruhe, Baden-Württemberg, Germany, to a Jewish family.

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  1. jackson9 says:

    I believe Jonah Blechman is 50% Ashkenazi Jewish and 50% German non-Jewish. From what I have researched I believe he is the son of Bruce J. Blechman and Sylvia M. Lang. If that is the case Jonah is Russian Jewish and Lithuanian Jewish on his fathers side and German/possibly other on his mothers side. I know for a fact that his mothers maiden name was Lang and to add to the certainty I found this after the ancestry research of Jonah’s potential parents…

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