Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart

Stewart in 2003, photo by PrPhotos

Birth Name: Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz

Place of Birth: New York City, New York, U.S.

Date of Birth: November 28, 1962

Ethnicity: Ashkenazi Jewish

Jon Stewart is an American television personality, actor, comedian, writer, producer, and director. He was the host of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart from 1999 to 2015.

Jon is the son of Marian and Donald L. Leibowitz, a professor. His parents’ families were both Jewish (from Austria, Poland, Ukraine, and Belarus).

He is married to Tracey McShane, with whom he has two children.

Jon’s paternal grandfather was named Max Leibowitz. Max was an Austrian Jew.

Jon’s paternal grandmother was Rachel “Rae” Rosenfeld (the daughter of Sam Rosenfeld and Sarah Kleinberg). Rachel was born in New York or Austria, of Austrian Jewish background. Sarah was the daughter of Anna.

Jon’s maternal grandfather was named Naum/Nathan Emannilovich Laskin. Naum was born in Manzhouli, China, and later lived in Tientsin, China. He was of Eastern European Jewish descent.

Jon’s maternal grandmother was Fannie Pitkowsky (the daughter of Max Pitkowsky and Yetta Johanna Pitman). Fannie was born in New Jersey, to a Russian Jewish father and a Polish Jewish mother.

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9 Responses

  1. jonasbttencourt says:

    Used to think he actually had scottish ancestry, he looks northwestern european, but ashkenazi jews have more eastern and southern european admixture, so it’s only a coincidence…

    • Oaken05 says:

      Maybe in later life? Because I’ve never seen any stereotypically NW European features in him, really.

      Even when he started to style his hair differently, he really just looks like what he is.

      • passingtime85 says:

        Wow, I never realized he looked so much like Jim Varney.

      • jonasbttencourt says:

        “he really just looks like what he is” you do realize that ashkenazi jews vary in features due to admixture with europeans over several centuries, right? And that first pic was suppose to prove that he looks “jewish” lol… I have seen ethnic germans, poles, and even dutchman with that look, especially old pics, back in the day people were out under the sun all day, and had that “ethnic” hair style, have you seen young Bill De Blasio? So when it comes to his real traits, well, his skin is pale, his eyes are light, his hair is waivy, his lips and nose are thin, he’s no alien to people in the british isles, for example, im not saying “oh he is not really jewish cuz he looks british&irish”, jews don’t have a SPECIFIC look, there’s no “jewish nose”, no “jewish hair” or skin, these are just stupid steriotypes that the west(especially northern europe and North America) has cultivated. Again, might be just a coincidence that he looks like that, it’s a similar case to Paul Rudd, Jon must have a lot of different combinations of eastern and southern european genes that ended up given him this lighter traits.

        • Oaken05 says:

          You read in that a lot more than anything I meant. It was an innocuoous comment, just sharing a different opinion, and you again come in hostily and over-aggressive.

          I don’t get it; I don’t get why everything has to be a fight with you. ¯\_ (ツ)_/¯

      • andrew says:


        Well, I think Jonas has a point in this case. He has a sort of versatile look and with “Jon Stewart” as name, people may wonder about him being part Scottish.

  2. jackson9 says:

    Maternal Grandmother: Fannie Pitkowsky, the daughter of Russian Jewish father Max Pitkowsky (1869) and Polish Jewish father Yetta Johanna Pitman (1874).

  3. Yeravam says:

    Looks very German.

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