John Blyth Barrymore

Barrymore in 2015, pic by Prphotos

Birth Name: John Blyth Barrymore III

Place of Birth: Beverly Hills, California, U.S. (possibly)

Date of Birth: May 15, 1954

*father – English, Irish, German
*mother – Ashkenazi Jewish

John Blyth Barrymore is an American actor.

He is the son of actors John Drew Barrymore and Cara Williams (born Bernice Kamiat), also credited as Bernice Kay, and comes from a long line of actors, including his grandparents, John Barrymore and Dolores Costello, and his grandfather’s siblings, Lionel Barrymore (born Lionel Herbert Blythe) and Ethel Barrymore (born Ethel Mae Blythe). The original family name Blythe was changed to the stage name Barrymore by his great-grandfather. His half-sister is actress, writer, director, producer, and model Drew Barrymore. His half-aunt was actress Diana Barrymore.

John’s paternal grandfather was John Barrymore (born John Sidney Blyth, the son of actors Maurice Herbert Barrymore, born Herbert Arthur Chamberlayne Blythe, and Georgiana Drew, born Georgiana Emma Drew). John’s grandfather John was born in Pennsylvania, and had English and Irish ancestry; some of his family were English people who were born and lived in India. John’s great-grandfather Maurice was the son of William Edward Blythe, who was born in Calcutta, India, and was a surveyor for the British East India Company; and of Charlotte Matilda Chamberlayne/Chamberlain, who was born in West Bengal, India. John’s great-grandmother Georgianna was the daughter of actors John Drew (born Jonathan Henry Drewland, in Dublin, Ireland) and Louisa Lane Drew (born Louisa Lane, in London, England).

John’s paternal grandmother was Dolores Costello (the daughter of actors Maurice Costello, born Maurice George Costello, and Mae Costello, born Mae Altschuk). Dolores was born in Pennsylvania. Maurice was the son of Irish parents, Thomas Costello and Eleanor “Ellen” Fitzgerald. Mae was the daughter of Lewis/Louis Altschuk/Altschuh, who was German, and of Catherine/Catharine/Katherine Rose “Katie” Callender, who was born in England, and had Irish, and possibly English, heritage.

John’s maternal grandfather was named Benjamin Irving Kamiat. Benjamin was Jewish, and was born in Lemberg, Austria.

John’s maternal grandmother was named Florence “Flora” Schwartz. Florence was the daughter of Romanian Jewish immigrants.

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