Jenna Lyng Adams

Adams in 2019, photo by kathclick/

Birth Name: Jenna Danielle Lyng

Place of Birth: Anoka, Minnesota, United States

Date of Birth: September 17, 1987

Ethnicity: Norwegian (5/16ths), German, English, 1/16th Swedish, 1/32 Luxembourgish, 1/64th Swiss-German

Jenna Lyng Adams is an American actress, producer, and director.

Jenna’s paternal grandfather was Herman Ole Lyng (the son of Jens Luvik Lyng and Gena Stenoien). Herman was born in Minnesota. Jens was the son of Norwegian parents, Herman Renholt Valdemar Lyng and Guro Pederson Haraldseth. Gena was the daughter of Norwegian parents, Ole Pedersen Stenoien and Johanna Svensdatter.

Jenna’s paternal grandmother was Joyce Claire Besser (the daughter of Edward J. Besser and Faye B. Parker). Edward was the son of Andrew Besser and Lisetta A. Frenz, whose parents were German. Faye was the daughter of William Henry Parker and Myra Elizabeth Barnard.

Jenna’s maternal grandfather was Larry Allan Pierson (the son of Lorin R. Pierson and Mildred L. Bosshardt). Jenna’s great-grandfather Lorin was the son of Peter A. Pierson, who was Swedish, and of Mary J. Doty. Mildred was the daughter of Edwin Henry Bosshardt and Laura Elizabeth Eigenbrodt, and was of German, including 1/8th Swiss-German, descent.

Jenna’s maternal grandmother was Shirley Ann Cordell (the daughter of Albert N. Cordell and Anna Mae Nugent). Albert was the son of John B. Cordell, whose father was an ethnic German from France and whose mother was from Luxembourg; and of Elizabeth Yaeger, whose parents were German. Anna was the daughter of John C. Nugent and Carrie Thompson, whose own parents were Norwegian.

Source: Genealogies and obituaries of Jenna’s paternal grandparents, Herman Ole Lyng and Joyce Claire (Besser) Lyng –

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