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2012 Film Independent Spirit Awards - Arrivals

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Place of Birth: Seattle, Washington, U.S.

Date of Birth: April 22, 1966

Ethnicity: German, Irish, English, Scottish, Welsh

Jeffrey Dean Morgan is an American actor. He is known for playing Negan in The Walking Dead franchise; and for his roles in the films P.S. I Love You, Watchmen, The Losers (2010), The Possession, Red Dawn (2012), Rampage (2018), The Postcard Killings, The Unholy (2021), and Fall (2022), and on the series Weeds, Supernatural, Grey’s Anatomy, Magic City, The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe, Texas Rising, Extant, and The Good Wife.

He is the son of Sandy and Richard Dean Morgan. Jeffrey is married to actress and producer Hilarie Burton, with whom he has two children.

Jeffrey’s paternal grandfather was Norman Dean Morgan (the son of Norman Dean Morgan and Zaza Oveline Saul). Jeffrey’s grandfather Norman was born in Washington, and was a political figure, presidential appointee, and Boeing lobbyist. Jeffrey’s great-grandfather Norman was the son of Charles Oscar Morgan and Lizzie Nola/V. Harper. Zaza was the daughter of Samuel L. Saul and Carrie M. Woody.

Jeffrey’s paternal grandmother was Joanne Lorraine Baker (the daughter of Leslie William Baker and Alice Mae Runge). Joanne was born in Seattle, Washington. Leslie was the son of Warren Henry Baker and Clarissa H. Claflin. Alice was the daughter of Christian William Runge, whose parents were German, and of Emogene Maude Merrill, who had deep roots in the U.S.

Jeffrey’s maternal grandfather was Fred John Weisenbach/Weisenback (the son of Friedrich/Fred Weisenbach/Weisenback and Elvira/Elvera Maria Gotthardt). Jeffrey’s grandfather Fred was born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, to ethnic German parents from Hungary. Jeffrey’s great-grandfather Friedrich was the son of Friedrich Weisenbach and Elizabeth Wagner. Elvira was the daughter of Samuel Gotthardt and Paula/Pauline/Paulina Von Rapp.

Jeffrey’s maternal grandmother was Charlotte Marie Loughran (the daughter of John Francis Loughran and Nancy/Nan/Nannie L. Chapman). Charlotte was born in Washington. John was the son of John Francis Loughran/Laughran, who was born in England, to Irish parents, and of Clara Matilda Keegan, who was born in Washington, to Irish parents.

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  1. transemacabre says:

    Paternal grandfather was Norman Dean Morgan, who was born in 1921 in WA state. His father was another Norman Dean Morgan, this one born in Wisconsin in 1900. His mother was the colorfully named Zaza O. Saul, who had married the elder Norman in 1920. Her parents were Samuel L. Saul and Carrie Woody.

  2. transemacabre says:

    Maternal grandfather was Fred John Weisenbach, who married grandmother Charlotte in 1940. Fred was born in 1913 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. His father was Friedrich Weisenbach, who was born in Hungary but apparently an ethnic German (the family spoke German at home according to the 1930 census). Friedrich had married Elvira Gotthardt in 1912 in Canada.

    Elvira was also born in Hungary, and her parents were Samuel Gotthardt and Paula Rapp.

  3. jonasbttencourt says:

    Does not really strikes me as a full bittish&irish guy…

  4. ashash says:

    How come his wife Hilarie Burton does not have a page?

  5. andrew says:

    I found an update

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