Jasmine V

Jasmine V in 2011, Featureflash / Shutterstock.com

Birth Name: Jasmine Marie Villegas

Place of Birth: San Jose, Santa Clara, California, United States

Date of Birth: December 7, 1993

*father – Mexican [Spanish, Indigenous]
*mother – Filipino

Jasmine V, previously credited as Jasmine Villegas, is an American pop and R&B singer, actress, and model. She is known for starring opposite Justin Bieber in his “Baby” music video.

She is the daughter of Bernadette and Robert Villegas. Her father is of Mexican [Spanish, Native American] descent. Her mother was born in Manila, Philippines. She does not speak Tagalog, though does speak some Spanish. In an Interview, she said that she is proud to be Mexican and Filipino.

Jasmine has a daughter with her former fiancé, YouTuber Ronnie Banks; and a son with her partner Omar Amin.

Jasmine’s paternal grandfather is Richard D. Villegas (the son of “Max” Villegas and “Sadie” Sanchez). Richard was born in Texas.

Jasmine’s paternal grandmother is Rebecca Gutierrez (the daughter of Jose Concepcion Gutierrez and Severa Garcia). Rebecca was born in Texas.

Jasmine’s maternal grandfather is named Philip Thomas Toledo Vales.

Jasmine’s maternal grandmother is named Sofia De Castro Peregrino.

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    to African Americans everything has black on it. And they comment on all the mexican/mix/spanish/ etc girls and the profiles of people like Nina Simone is empty. Explain that please.

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    Beautiful lady, but no idea who she is.

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