James Caviezel

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Birth Name: James Patick Caviezel

Place of Birth: Mount Vernon, Washington, U.S.

Date of Birth: September 26, 1968

*Swiss-Romansh, Slovak (father)
*Irish (mother)

James Caviezel, also credited as Jim Caviezel, is an American actor.

James is married to teacher Kerri Browitt, with whom he has three children, all of whom are originally from China.

James’ patrilineal ancestry traces to Julius Prosper Caviezel, who was born, c. 1725. The surname Caviezel is Swiss-Romansh.

James’s maternal grandfather was William C. Lavery (the son of Charles S. Lavery and Catherine/Cathryn Welch). William was born in Illinois. Charles was born in Illinois, the son of Daniel Lavery, who was Irish, and of May/Mary J. O’Neill, who was of Irish descent. Catherine was born in Illinois, the daughter of Irish parents, James Welch/Welsh and Isabelle/Isabella Winifred Paul.

James’s maternal grandmother was Mary Aletha Dinneen (the daughter of James William Dinneen and Winifred Veronica Grogan). Mary was born in Iowa, and was of Irish descent. James was born in Iowa, the son of Michael P. Dinneen and Margaret O’Connor. Winifred was also born in Iowa, the daughter of Malachi Grogan and Mary Winifred Kearns.

James’s paternal grandfather possibly was Clarence John Caviezel (the son of Peter Anton Caviezel and Freda/Frieda Anna Zemp). Clarence was born in Washington, to Swiss parents, with his mother having been from Wolhusen, Luzern. Peter was the son of Joseph Anton Caviezel and Onna Maria Denz.

James’s paternal grandmother possibly was Helen Margaret Demko (the daughter of John C. Demko and Mary Wargo). Helen was born in Washington.

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