Candice King

Candice Accola

King in 2011, photo by DFree/

Birth Name: Candice Rene Accola

Place of Birth: Harris, Texas, U.S.

Date of Birth: May 13, 1987

*father – three quarters Norwegian, one quarter Swiss-Romansh
*mother – English, distant French

Candice King, previously credited by her birth name Candice Accola, is an American actress, singer, and songwriter. She is the daughter of Carolyn, an environmental engineer, and Kevin Accola, a cardiothoracic surgeon. She is married to musician Joe King, of The Fray. The couple has two children.

Candice’s paternal grandfather was Donald Adrian Accola (the son of Ralph Arnold Accola and Joyce Helen Sheldahl). Donald was born in Iowa. Ralph was of Swiss descent, and was the son of Louis Luzy Accola and Carolina Minnie “Carrie” Allemann. He had roots in Davos, Graubünden. Joyce was of Norwegian ancestry, and was the daughter of Joseph E. Sheldahl and Maytie Malinda Lundy. She had roots in Hordaland and Rogaland.

Candice’s paternal grandmother was Betty/Bette Jean Larson (the daughter of Floyd Earl Larson and Audrey Oueda Highland). Betty was born in Iowa. She re-married to a Methodist minister. Floyd was the son of Swen Theodore Larson, whose parents were Norwegian, and of Annie Caroline Henderson, whose grandparents also were all Norwegian. Audrey was the daughter of Thor O. Highland, who was Norwegian, from tnesjoen, Etne kommune, Hordaland fylke, and of Ida Olson, whose paternal grandparents were Norwegian, as was her mother, who was also born in Hordaland fylke.

Candice’s maternal grandfather is Nelson “Red” Clark (the son of Layton Clark and Johnnie Gwendolyn Coe). Johnnie was the daughter of John Coe and Ethel Seagle.

Candice’s maternal grandmother is Arla Smith (the daughter of John L. Smith and Mildred Harrelson). John was the son of John R. Smith and Effie Claxton.


Marriage announcement of Candice’s paternal grandparents, Donald Adrian Accola and Betty/Bette Jean Larson –

Birth record of Candice’s paternal grandfather, Donald Adrian Accola –

Genealogies and obituaries of Candice’s paternal great-grandparents, Floyd Earl Larson and Audrey Oueda (Highland) Larson –

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  1. madman says:

    Her father is from Carbondale, Illinois. I’ve tried to look for a man named Accola associated with the area and found a Donald Adrian Accola, who evidently lived in Carbondale or close to it at some point. Donald was born the same year as Candice’s grandmother, in Iowa. I haven’t found any connection to Bette Larson, but maybe someone else could try? He passed away earlier this year.

    Donald was of half Swiss and half Norwegian descent. If the Swiss part is fully Romansh or part German I don’t know.

  2. andrew says:

    her father graduated from University of Illinois, so he may be presumably from there.

    her possible paternal ancestors:

    There is an Accola married to a woman with a French surname, maybe a clue.

  3. madman says:

    CORRECTION: She should be listed as Swiss-Romansh instead of Romansh-Swiss, to align with the other people with Swiss ancestry.

    • andrew says:

      Not that I disagree with you, but Michelle Pfeiffer’s Taverna line is either of Italian or Romansh origin (possibly the latter). A German with a surname like that does not make sense at all.

      Graubunden is the German name of the Canton, Grisons is after the Italian name “Grigioni”.

  4. fuzzybear44 says:

    Good picture of her

  5. andrew says:

    Romansh-Swiss, nice. Romansh is one of 4 official languages of Switzerland (with German, French and Italian)

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