Imaan Hammam

Anna Sui - Fall Winter 2016 Collection

Hammam in 2016, photo by excelentphoto/

Place of Birth: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Date of Birth: 5 October, 1996

*Egyptian (father)
*Moroccan (mother)

Imaan Hammam is a Dutch fashion model. She has appeared on the cover of Vogue more than a dozen times.

Imaan is the daughter of Mbarka Belouta and Abdelhamid Hammam. She has stated:

My mom is from Morocco-from the South, where people are much darker, and have [textured] hair, and my father is from Egypt. He doesn’t have any hair lately, but in his younger years, he had a big Afro.

She has also said:

Sometimes people call me Middle Eastern, and I’m like, ‘No, I’m black.’ I am proud of my culture, proud of who made me, proud to be here.

A picture of Imaan with her father can be seen here. A picture of Imaan’s mother can be seen here.

A DNA test taken for Vogue Italia magazine stated that Imaan’s genetic ancestry is:

*70% Egyptian
*10% Sudanese
*7.6% Senegambian & Guinean

42 Responses

  1. Violet Manu says:

    How is she Moroccan but shows no Moroccan ancestry? Also she seems to be Egyptian so how is she Black?

    • choman says:

      she is not 100% black it’s 17.6% black, and the rest is north african and maybe middle eastern she doesn’t want to be labelled as midlle eastern or north african that’s why she mentions egyptian cause there is no such thing as egyptian race it’s either north african or middle eastern cause egypt exist between these two places

  2. Akwaba says:

    Tag “Afro-Arab”

  3. Akwaba says:

    Her parents are Abdelhamid Hammam and Mbarka Belouta

    • passingtime85 says:

      Whoops double post

    • andrew says:

      Don’t you think she is overrated to be a “model”??

      • passingtime85 says:

        Models come in all shapes and sizes, although 5’10” and up is preferable which she is how tall she is. In addition to height, she’s certainly exhibits facial symmetry and has properly proportioned facial features. So she fits the most basic requirements for her profession. I think she’s pretty but not stunning, but then again modeling isn’t about traditional beauty or the most gorgeous people, especially currently, it’s more about representation of different aesthetics. For the last 50 years or so, people with unusual looks, rise to the top of the industry. You ever look at Kate Moss? If her makeup isn’t done correctly, she looks alien.

        If Kate can have a long and successful career, I don’t see why Imaan cannot also have similar success.

        • jackson9 says:

          she is beyond stunning. nothing overrated about her at all

        • andrew says:

          She is just tall and skinny. That’s all. She is average looking normally, but looks pretty with make up and stuff.

          You get much better looking girls than this in Arab world.

          • fuzzybear44 says:

            Well that’s not saying much, because without make-up most of those models look average at best

          • passingtime85 says:

            She’s pretty, there are prettier women, but honestly you’d probably never have a consensus on what’s gorgeous. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I bet Imaan is as pretty or prettier than 90% of all the people that have ever lived. You can’t deny her symmetry or her proportionality. Even if she isn’t what you prefer, you can’t deny the geometry that is measurable in her looks.

          • andrew says:


            You will agree with me that beauty standards in showbiz have dramatically dropped in recent times. Sexy babes of the past would be banned now.

          • passingtime85 says:

            Do you guys think Grace Kelly was pretty? I know she hits the bullet points of the beauty, but you know what? I never liked her. I won’t deny her attractiveness, but she just isn’t for me.

            What about Jackie O? I think she leaned towards classically ugly, yet people around the world speak about her like she was a beauty. Princess Di? Sort of alright, mostly goofy. I’d choose Grace over them, but I’d choose Imaan over Grace. People like what they like, I guess.

            Yes the entertainment and beauty/makeup/fashion industries have started to accept more diverse looking people. Are they uglier overall? Who’s to say. The eye of the beholder, it takes all types etc etc. Just between us though, yes the current promoted aesthetic is leaning more towards, more common, more plain, maybe even uglier looks. I don’t think Imaan really falls into those less than desirable categories however.

            Imaan is a bland sort of pretty, but pretty nonetheless, but she’s not plain and/or ugly, which is unfortunately the aesthetic most people lean towards. Imaan’s occupation suits her.

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