Mohammed VI of Morocco

Place of Birth: Rabat, Morocco

Date of Birth: 21 August, 1963

Ethnicity: Moroccan Berber, Turkish, Circassian, distant black African

Mohammed VI of Morocco has been the King of Morocco, since 23 July, 1999. He is the son of King Hassan II of Morocco and Lalla Latifa Amahzoune.

Mohammed is married to Princess Lalla Salma of Morocco (born Salma Bennani), with whom he has two children.

The creator of the Alaouite Dynasty in Morocco was Sharif ibn Ali.

Mohammed’s paternal grandfather was King Mohammed V of Morocco (the son of Sultan Yusef of Morocco and Lalla Yaqut). Mohammed V was born in Fez. Yusef was the son of Sultan Hassan I of Morocco, and of his fifth wife, Lalla Ruqiya, who was a Circassian from Constantinople (now Istanbul, Turkey). Yaqut was of Turkish descent.

Mohammed’s paternal grandmother was named Lalla Abla bint Tahar (the daughter of Moulay Mohammed al-Tahar bin Hassan). Tahar was the son of Sultan Hassan I of Morocco.

Source: Genealogy of Mohammed VI of Morocco (focusing on his father’s side) –

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  1. Roberto says:

    It seems that he has very distant Arabian and Sub Saharian African origins.

    The creator of the dinasty in Morocco was Hassan Ben Al-Qasim and he is from the Hedjaz region In the city of Yanbu in Saudi Arabia (

    One of his ancestors is Ismail Ibn Sharif and the mother of Ismail Ibn Sharif was a black slave ( )

  2. andrew says:

    That’s interesting

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