Hugh Jackman

Jackman in 2011, photo by Featureflash /

Birth Name: Hugh Michael Jackman

Place of Birth: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Date of Birth: 12 October, 1968

*62.5% English
*25% Scottish
*12.5% Greek

Hugh Jackman is an Australian actor, singer, and producer. He is known for his roles as Wolverine in the X-Men films, and for starring in Swordfish, Kate & Leopold, Van Helsing, The Prestige, Flushed Away, Happy Feet, Australia, Real Steel, Rise of the Guardians, Les Misérables, Prisoners, The Greatest Showman, The Front Runner, and Bad Education, among many other films, and musicals. Hugh was selected People Magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive” in 2008. He is the first Australian-born man to have been given this title by the magazine (Chris Hemsworth, in 2014, is the second).

Hugh was born and raised in Sydney. His parents, Grace McNeil (Greenwood) and Christopher John Jackman, were born in England, and had recently moved to Australia. One of Hugh’s paternal great-grandfathers was Greek, and Hugh’s maternal grandmother was of Scottish descent. Most of, or all of, the rest of Hugh’s ancestry is English. He is also a U.K. citizen.

Hugh is married to actress and producer Deborra-Lee Furness, with whom he has two children, who are adopted.

Hugh’s paternal grandfather was Percival Henry Jackman (the son of Percival John Jackman and Elsie Violet Nutley). Hugh’s grandfather Percival was born in Brentford, Middlesex, England. Hugh’s great-grandfather Percival was the son of James Robert Jackman and Matilda Mary Robertson.

Hugh’s paternal grandmother was Glory Margaret Bellas (the daughter of Nicholas Isidor Bellas and Dora Furniss). Glory was born in Chorlton, Lancashire, England. Nicholas was Greek, and was born, c. 1861, in Constantinople, in the Ottoman Empire. Dora was English, the daughter of Charles Furniss, who was born in Derby, and of Margaret Ann Leslie, who was born in Bolton, Lancashire.

Hugh’s maternal grandfather was Bennett John Greenwood (the son of Matthew Bennett Greenwood and Rhoda Ann Whiterod). Bennett was born in Forehoe, Norfolk, England. Matthew was the son of Matthew Bennett Greenwood and Mary Ann Rebecca Tice. Rhoda was the daughter of Joseph Fairfax Whiterod/Whiteard and Elizabeth Smith.

Hugh’s maternal grandmother was Agnes Milroy (the daughter of John Milroy and Margaret Cowan McNeil). Agnes was born in West Derby, Lancashire, England. John was of Scottish descent, the son of William Milroy and Mary Anderson. Margaret was Scottish, born in Rerrick, Kirkcudbrightshire, the daughter of Patrick McNeil and Mary Harriet Mitchell.

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Curious about ethnicity

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  1. J.J. says:

    correction; his eyes are forest green (green w brown) and his hair is dark brown (brunet)

  2. eee says:

    he looks british

    • theropod says:

      With the small brown eyes and long nose (and the scruffiness of his hair), I knew that he had Southern European roots. He is a bit exotic looking… :)

      • Adam says:

        Why does everything look “exotic” to you?

      • William says:

        But southern european are not a race. Actually french italians people in Monaco are alpine and not Mediterranean.
        And uk germany Switzerland Netherlands Austria were part of yhe roman empire


        Check on yahoo the german soccer team of germany “Joachim low”
        I guess you need yo ho back to school

        America= Kardashian, woody allen

        • Freerk says:

          “Germany rediscovers its Roman roots”? O_o

          What sort of … sick media brain substitute breds that?

          What I agree with: according to his looks I’m sure Löw has Roman ancestors. But the Roman Empire ended at the limes in southwest Germany… far in the south.

      • William says:

        Northern Europeans descent from Mongolian samoi indigenous
        In Europe northern europeans and germans, Spanish, greeks are considered inferior people by french and italians

        • the punisher says:

          Your crazy Northern European are better than south, east, west, Europeans anyday, Italians and French look Arabs specially the Italians some look like Mexicans also many northern Europeans are more advance than southern, Southern European are like south America they are only good in Football/Soccer

          • andrew says:

            you’re from “Cali”, shut the fuck up if you don’t have a clue what you are talking about. You’re a dumb kind who can’t spell correctly any English word. You’re pure ignorance. You feed yourself from YouTube that is the kingdom of trolls. Read some books of history, geography and anthropology before speaking. When the guy said “In Europe northern europeans and germans, Spanish, greeks are considered inferior people by french and italians” he somewhat said the truth, coz “Latin” culture and lifestyle (not “Latino/Hispanic”) is more advanced than your wannabe “Northern European” stereotype. Do you wonder why the most visited countries of the world are in South Europe? It’s because of their art, history and lifestyle

          • the punisher says:

            France maybe But Italy? The only thing italy can do is make pizza and pasta , Please Northern european is more advance in everything theres in no discussion or competition ask anybody in the world and they will tell you

          • andrew says:

            Italians call French people “cousins”. France and Italy share similar traditions and lifestyle, best food, best wines, fashion clothes (do you know Gucci, Prada, Chanel, Armani, Vuitton and the list goes on). Italian language and French share nearly the 90% of vocabulary. Also 2/3 of English words come from Latin or Old French (who comes from Latin too) brought by the Normans. They’re both Catholic countries. There are about 5 millions of French people with Italian ancestry.
            Italians just can’t do pasta and pizza, also espresso, cappuccino, Martini, and other food or drinks you use to have every day are actually Italian. They also invented telephone (Meucci) and radio (Marconi) , to name a few. Car brands as Ferrari or Lamborghini. An Italian (Colombo) discovered the continent where you live. The name of America comes from another Italian (Amerigo Vespucci). Northern Europe is extremely boring

          • the punisher says:

            Nobody discover America because Natives where already living in their, And if anything the Vikings”northern Europeans” discover it first, but they din’t land or interact with the natives, BTW that was all in the past what has Italian done today in this modern time Nothing but make mafia movies, Northern Europeans is the real deal

          • Marc 2 says:

            You forgot about Enrico Fermi, one of the greatest American scientist physicist and of main creators of the first atom bomb for USA

          • Marc 2 says:

            @the punisher December 11, 2013 at 1:16 pm
            And if anything the Vikings”northern Europeans” discover it first,@
            Scandinavians died out there slightly later. But another “non-whities”, Spaniards and Portuguese discovered and conqered half of the world and together with Italians saved Europe from the Arabs and Turks

          • the punisher says:

            The Germanics defeated the roman empire and since then everything changed it was a whole new era after that all southern European became lower than the northern Europeans Since this day

          • Marc 2 says:

            Do you mean beginning of the Dark Ages in the middle of 1st millenium BC, when Europe was thrown down in its development for 500 years? Yes, it was thanks to Germanic tribes. But luckily, Germanics were not so numerous on conqured lands, so they assimilated by the post-Roman population more or less rapidly. So Western and Southern Europe were still more advanced than Gemanic homeland

          • the punisher says:

            At least the Germanics and other northern Europeans don’t get confuse for Mexicans or Arabs and are not called slurs like Whop or greaser you have no defence in your called just give it up northern Europeans are smarter better looking taller and superior

          • Marc 2 says:

            Are you a member of Aryan brotherhood or Yakut shaman? Or maybe combination of both?

          • the punisher says:

            Just being real man, I see the world according to what it is, I keep it real

          • andrew says:

            punisher, why dont you move from “Cali” to Scandinavia, you could rent an house from all the people who moved to places like Spain..there are sites in South Europe whose economy is based on Northern European expats, guess why…
            The funniest thing is you are unaware of being completely clueless, you keep comparing Southern European to Arabs, if you go to South France or Italy, where large Muslim communities live, you would see the difference by a mile. You just repeat illogical random phrases without knowing the meaning, you’re embarrasing

          • the punisher says:

            Listen Mother*******F I’m not from Colombia I’m from America and I don’t have to move anywhere why don’t you move to southern Europe since you like them much I bet they will discriminate your ass

          • Jordan says:

            The punisher, you are completely full of shit. Nothing of what you’ve said is true.

          • marjanel says:

            Andrew latino is only how Latin (the culture that you defend)is said in Spanich.And latino is not the same hispanic.That Americans change the meaning of the words is another thing

          • caligurl2 says:

            @The punisher, interesting you choose the name of an italian american super hero. Anyway why you keep bashing Arabs? they look better than pasty pink northern dudes any day. Ask any woman which European men are the hottest. Southern Europe will win every time. Of course, you’re American you didn’t even need to tell us. It was obvious by your wannabe nazi rhetoric. You guys are more pro-germanic and wannabe nordic than actual nordics or germanics are. It’s quite peculiar how a nation of immigrants wants so hard to be pure nordics LOL.

            Anyway Italians on do Pizza? lmao? You realize that one of the greatest French military leaders was actually Italian? You realize that America was founded by an Italian? (after vikings of course) and was NAMED after an Italian. You realize that Italy held the seat for European civilization longer than any other region of Europe? You realize that Italy dominated scientific and artistic innovations in Europe from antiquity all the way to 1500s? while your British and Germans only started a couple years ago.

            You realize that Italy helped bring high civilization to Europe not once but twice. The Roman Empire and then again with the Renaissance which birthed the scientific revolution. You realize that everything you know about Europe from it’s name, culture, laws and even it’s music come from the south? (classical music goes back to southern Europe, as well as the ochestra, and opera most European instruments were invented in the south as well the piano is Italian the guitar is Spanish)

            Without southern europe? the whole of Europe is cultureless.

        • J420 says:

          @No they don’t. Stop spreading nonsense.

      • NathanR says:

        Not the brightest, are you.

  3. Jesano says:

    Wow Greek? Awesome!

    Do you think Hugh even knows he has a bit of Greek in him?

  4. coolcat says:

    hugh is pretty hot

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