Heinz Fischer

Place of Birth: Graz, Reichsgau Steiermark, State of Austria, Nazi Germany (now Graz, Styria, Austria)

Date of Birth: 9 October, 1938

*25% Austrian
*25% Ashkenazi Jewish
*25% Hungarian
*25% unknown

Heinz Fischer is an Austrian politician. He was the President of Austria, having served in the position from 8 July, 2004 to 8 July, 2016. He was also President of the National Council, from 5 November, 1990 to 20 December, 2002, and Second President of the National Council, from 20 December, 2002 to 16 June, 2004, among other duties.

Heinz is the son of Emma Maria (Königsberger) and Rudolf Fischer. Heinz’s paternal grandfather was Jewish, and Heinz’s maternal grandmother was from a Hungarian Catholic family. The rest of Heinz’s ancestry appears to be Austrian (Catholic).

He is married to Margit Binder, with whom he has two children. Margit is the daughter of Austrian Jewish parents.

Heinz’s patrilineal ancestry can be traced back to his third great-grandfather, Joseph Fischer.

Heinz’s paternal grandfather was Jacques, or Jakob in German, Fischer (the son of Julius Jonas Fischer and Wilhelmine Minna Mandl). Jakob was born in Vienna, Austria, to a Jewish family. Julius was the son of Jakob Fischer and Zartl Tscharn Herzka. Wilhelmine was the daughter of Salomon Mendel/Mandl and Saly Fischer.

Heinz’s paternal grandmother was named Berta Zeckl (the daughter of an unknown father, and of Josefa Zeckl). Bertha was born in Vienna. Josefa was the daughter of Karl Zeckl and Theresia Brilisauer.

Heinz’s maternal grandfather was Engelbert Königsberger (the son of Ignaz Königsberger and Maria Karner). Engelbert was born in Ybbs an der Donau, Melk District, Lower Austria, Austria. Ignaz was the son of an unknown father and Anna Maria Königsberger. Heinz’s great-grandmother Maria was the daughter of an unknown father and Anna Maria Karner.

Heinz’s maternal grandmother was Birgitte Nemeth (the daughter of János Németh, or Johann Nemeth in German, and of Rosalia Boros). Birgitte was born in Páli, Csornai, Gyõr-Moson-Sopron, Hungary. János was born in Páli, the son of Jòsef Németh and Trèzsia Farkas. Rosalia was born in Vág, Csorna, Gyõr-Moson-Sopron County, the daughter of Paulus Boros and Rozalia Kopátsi.

Source: Genealogy of Heinz Fischer – https://www.geni.com

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  1. Manila says:

    Correction: 25% Austrian and 25% unknown because Heinz’s paternal grandmother and maternal grandfather’s parents were illegitimate.

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