Greg Dulli

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Birth Name: Gregory E. Dulli

Place of Birth: Hamilton, Ohio, U.S.

Date of Birth: 11 May, 1965

Ethnicity: Irish, Greek, German, possibly other

Greg Dulli is an American alternative rock musician. He has been a member of rock band The Afghan Whigs, indie rock band The Twilight Singers, and musical collaboration The Gutter Twins, the latter with Mark Lanegan. He co-owns several bars across the U.S.

His father’s name is Ronald. Greg was raised in a Catholic family.

Greg has stated:

My grandfather, James Murphy, was born and raised in Cork, so I have a hereditary love of Ireland, you might say. Both of my parents have Irish ancestry, so I’m half-Irish.

He has also said, “My mother’s grandfather was born in Greece.”

Greg’s paternal grandfather was Edward Dulli (the son of Morris/Maurice Dowling and Anna Dulli). Edward was born in Ohio. Morris was the son of Mark Dowling, who was Irish, and of Mary Anne Harmon, who had Irish ancestry. Anna was born in Alsace-Lorraine, the daughter of Herman Dulli and Margaret Barbara.

Greg’s maternal grandfather was named James Murphy.

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  1. madman says:

    He is the son of Ronald Lee Dulli.

    His paternal grandfather was Edward Dulli (the son of Morris/Marce/John Dulli and Anna Rapa). Anna was German, and was the daughter of Herman Dulli and Anna Barbara.

    Greg’s paternal grandmother was likely Lura Early Hill.

  2. brendanb says:

    You never know, my fathe was born in northern Ireland, from Irish parents, and he looks a lot like Keanu Reeves, only the eyes have quite diffrent shape, And he doesn’t look at all like Kenneth Branagh. I’m pretty sure that nobody in his family was of Hawaian origin, or Chinise. still, it could became a, successful Keanu Reeves impersonator.

    • brendanb says:

      They coukd have, it’s totally possible cause I couldn’t deny that moost of my ancestor, even my great grandfather, were stationed in India.
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      • brendanb says:

        I was meaning the last brother of my great grandfather to pass away, sorry.. Im Always uin hurry.. And i was born and raised in Milan…

        • brendanb says:

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  3. andrew says:

    Since when “Indian Afghans” look like European people? Give us a break!

  4. andrew says:

    Very strange indeed

    We all know that average Pakistanis and Afghans have his skintone…

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