Garrett Hedlund

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Birth Name: Garrett John Hedlund

Place of Birth: Pennington, Minnesota, United States

Date of Birth: September 3, 1984

*father – Swedish
*mother – three quarters German, one quarter Norwegian

Garrett Hedlund is an American actor, model, and singer. His roles include the films Troy, Friday Night Lights, Four Brothers, Eragon, Georgia Rule, Death Sentence, Tron: Legacy, Country Strong, On the Road (2012), Inside Llewyn Davis, Lullaby, Unbroken (2014), Mojave, Pan (2015), Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk, Mudbound, Burden (2018), Triple Frontier, Dreamland (2019), Dirt Music, The United States vs. Billie Holiday, The Tutor (2023), The Absence of Eden, Desperation Road, and The Marsh King’s Daughter; the shows Mosaic, Modern Love, and Tulsa King, the podcast Strawberry Spring, the video games for Eragon and Mosaic, and the music videos “Truck Yeah” and “Beautiful War.”

Garrett is the son of Kristine and Robert Hedlund. He was raised on a remote beef cattle farm in Wannaska, Minnesota, before moving to Phoenix, Arizona as a teenager. Garrett has a son with his former partner, actress and singer Emma Roberts.

Garrett’s paternal grandfather was Martin Emil Hedlund (the son of Nils Emil Peter Hedlund and Brita/Bertha Larsson/Larson). Martin was born in Minnesota. Nils was born in Minnesota, to Swedish parents, Garrett Jon Olsson Hedlund and Gertrud Jansdotter Sahlström. Brita was born in Sweden, the daughter of Jonas “John” Larson/Larsson and Ingeborg Mårtensdotter.

Garrett’s paternal grandmother was Alice Christine Hedman (the daughter of Edwin Olaf Hedman and Johannah/Johanna/Hanna Hazelquist/Hasselquist). Alice was born in Minnesota. Edwin was born in Sweden. Johannah was born in Minnesota or Wisconsin, to Swedish parents, Gustav A. Hasselquist and Carolina Nilsson.

Garrett’s maternal grandfather was Eugene Albert Yanish (the son of Albert Joseph/John Yanish and Veronica Helen Berens). Eugene was born in North Dakota. Garrett’s great-grandfather Albert was born in North Dakota, the son of Anton Yanish (the son of Martin Yanish and Theresa/Theresia Ferdinger) and Mary/Marie H. Puhr (the daughter of John F. Puhr and Maria/Marie Bosch). It appears that Garrett’s great-great-grandparents Anton and Mary/Marie H. were ethnic Germans, from Geresdlak and Gerasdorf, Hungary, respectively. Garrett’s great-grandmother Veronica was born in Minnesota, the daughter of Peter Berens and Mary Schumacher; Peter was born in Minnesota, to German parents, John Berens and Gertrude Heuft, and Mary was also born in Minnesota, to German parents, Mathias Schumacher and Katharine Hormuth.

Garrett’s maternal grandmother is Ane Marie Bietz (the daughter of Gideon Theodore Bietz and Agnes Bouck). Gideon was born in North Dakota, the son of Gottlieb Bietz, Jr. and Ann Maria Mantz, who were ethnic Germans, from Bessarabia, Russia. Agnes was born in North Dakota, the daughter of Harald Martinsen Bouck, who was born in Glemminge, Østfold, Norway, and of Anne Olsdatter Kjelland, who was born in Sokndal, Rogaland, Norway.


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Garrett’s maternal great-grandmother, Agnes Bouck, on the 1930 U.S. Census –

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