Gal Gadot


Gadot in 2013, photo by DFree/

Place of Birth: Petah Tikva, Israel

Date of Birth: April 30, 1985

Ethnicity: Ashkenazi Jewish

Gal Gadot is an Israeli actress and model. She was Miss Israel 2004, and is known for her roles in the Fast and Furious films, Keeping Up with the Joneses, Red Notice, and Death on the Nile, and for playing Wonder Woman in the DC Cinematic Universe, starting with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016).

Gal was born to a Jewish family in Israel. Her father is a sixth-generation Israeli. Her family were Jewish emigrants from Belarus, Lithuania, Russia, Poland, Austria, Slovakia, Germany, and Ukraine. Gal is married to Israeli businessperson Yaron Varsano, with whom she has three children. Yaron has Turkish Jewish ancestry.

In Hebrew, Gal means “wave” and Gadot means “riverbank” or “shore.” Her family’s was originally Greenstein.

Gal’s paternal grandfather is Arye Zeev Greenstein (the son of Michael Greenstein and Shulamit Natkin/Notkin). Arye was born in Tel Aviv, Israel. Michael was born in Petah Tikva, Israel, the son of Wolf Leib Grinstein and Sara Goldberg. Gal’s great-grandmother Shulamit was born in Jerusalem, Israel, where many generations of her family had been born, and was the daughter of Natan Neta Natkin and Hana Lea/Leah Michlin. Gal’s great-great-grandfather Natan, whose family was from Jerusalem, had ancestors from Belarus and Lithuania, including evident descent from Talmudist Yisroel ben Shmuel of Shklov (1770-1839), who was born in Shklov, Lithuania. Gal’s great-great-grandmother Hana was born in Jerusalem, to a father from Khislavichi, Russia, and a mother who was born in Jerusalem, to a father from Yassvein, Lithuania, and a mother from Jerusalem, who had ancestors in Lithuania and Belarus.

Gal’s paternal grandmother was named Miriam Glicksman (the daughter of Samuel Glicksman). Miriam was evidently born in Austria.

Gal’s maternal grandfather was Abraham Weiss (born Adolf Weiss, the son of Zeev Weiss and Yehudit Yakubovitz). Abraham was born in Mukacheve, Zakarpats’ka oblast, Ukraine, and survived the Auschwitz concentration camp. He lost most of his family in the Holocaust. Gal discusses her grandfather, along with a picture, at this, this, and this link. Gal’s great-grandfather Zeev was the son of Yakov Weiss and Tzipora Klein. Gal’s great-grandmother Yehudit was killed in Auschwitz, in 1944. She was the daughter of Dov Yakubovitz and Bluma.

Gal’s maternal grandmother was Rachel Yehudit Kaufman (the daughter of Isaac Kaufman/Koffman and Tzarka Messenberg). Tzarka was the daughter of Shmuel Messenberg and Chaya.

Gal Gadot

Gadot in 2013, photo by DFree/

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  1. Turcoman says:

    well when i look at her, i see 1400 years ago that Khazar’s from Ashina (shewolf decendent) GOKTURK (sky turk )united multiple Jewish clans under one Khanate.. .which eventually they migrated towards Europe after another Turkic groups pushing she has a basic turkic central Asian face type close to eastern turkic area….

    • RadDaddy says:

      You can tell all that from this one picture, bro?
      Got to call B.S. on that.

      Is the non European ancestry of Ashkenazi Jews from Khazar populations?
      Hard to say, because the ANCIENT Levant was likely quite different genetically than that of 2019 and the Israelite’s were most likely more like Indo-European populations such as Kurds, Armenians, Philistines, than modern Arabized populations of the Levant.
      We have little to no Khazar DNA samples sequenced to compare them with modern Ashkenazim.

      One or two DNA studies of a few Khazar grave-sites is next to useless to draw any solid conclusions.

      If Ashkenazi Jews are Khazars, so are Sicilians, south Italians, Peloponnese Greeks/ Greek islanders, Yehudim Italkim (Italian Jews) and Sephardic Jews of Iberia….

      • Turcoman says:

        1- i didn’t said all of them were turkic … they united multiple clans (non turkic jews ) and created biggest jewish community at the time
        2- latest claims are that Ashkenazi name came from today turkey area… eskenaz
        3- khazar ruling khanate was turkic origin from GOKTURK ashina clan. was multi ethnic confederation..
        4 – i am not claiming but old records of khazars and other historical Jewish records claim that TURK were son of Keturah 3 wife of ABRAHAM
        5- I am not claiming all of them are Turkic of course they would be huge mix with another nations.. but you see some ashkenazis very huge similarities with Turkic people.. faces racial futures..
        6- if you look at the history you see that Turkic people conquered and build-ed huge empires.. khazar was one of them
        -first ATILLA came to Europe changed the geo etnics of europe .
        – second avars they let the northern Slavic people migrated towards balkans… and used them as military guards. which slavic get the most of the ancient turkic words from them…
        – then bulgar turkic empire they mixed with slavic which eventualy they get assimilated .
        – khazar empire which they build a biggest jewish empire..
        – another biggest tribe from khazar KABAR united with HUN /bULGAR TURKIC – magyar (ugric ) migrated towards europe and made hungary. later CUMAN TURKIC tribe seek asssylum towards hungary from mongols turkic altin orda … they became christians..
        – russia was firs created because of the TURKIC -MONGOL altin orda :D
        after so many centuries later ottoman came..

        you see ukrain, russia , poland slovakai, germany other northern area was and have mixed multiple turkic people during that time.. because of the multiple turkic migration towards europe , i am not saying that all europe was turkic but yet you see many similarities with ashkenazi jews.

        funny thing is TODAY many people know DRACULA vlad tepes basarab dynasty was CUMAN TURKIC ORIGIN. :D hungarian KING STEPHANUS IV wife was CUMAN TURKIC.

        — when khazar was destroyed they were pushed by other turkic nations because..

        i am not making a propaganda … jewish people should thankfull for Turkic people because of of the many historical events that OTTOMAN HELPED JEWS , KHAZAR helped multiple jewish community .. e

        • RadDaddy says:

          Bro, Gal Gadot looks like a typical European, nothing Central Asian or Transcaucasus about her at all.

          Pretty much a thing with pretty Jewish women for people to say they look like whatever ethnicity they’re and not like Ashkenazi woman that she is.
          Bar Refaeli gets that a lot, she is tall, blonde/blue eyed and many say how she looks “Nordic” or “Russian.”

          Looking at this one photo and claiming that you can see whatever ethnic attributes that you fine close to your heart is just plain nonsense.
          Nothing at all about Gal Gadot screams out anything but European Caucasian.
          The Khazars and the Ashkenazi Jews are not related on any proven genetic level.
          Some Ashkenazi haplotypes may or may not be from Khazarian conversion, but on an autosomal level Ashkenazi Jews and modern populations of the former Khazarian lands are nothing alike.
          Go on Gedmatch and see what a typical Ashkenazi Jewish breakdown is on their calculators:

          Eurogenes K13 4-Ancestors Oracle
          Least-squares method.

          Using 1 population approximation:
          1 Ashkenazi @ 3.176147
          2 East_Sicilian @ 8.986616
          3 Central_Greek @ 10.241385
          4 West_Sicilian @ 10.754698
          5 Italian_Jewish @ 10.965111
          6 South_Italian @ 10.977942
          7 Algerian_Jewish @ 11.404819
          8 Greek_Thessaly @ 12.044298
          9 Sephardic_Jewish @ 12.187027
          10 Italian_Abruzzo @ 12.635774
          11 Tunisian_Jewish @ 14.782347
          12 Libyan_Jewish @ 15.266150
          13 Tuscan @ 16.444124
          14 Cyprian @ 19.898035
          15 Bulgarian @ 20.603567
          16 Romanian @ 23.051838
          17 Tunisian @ 23.076239
          18 Lebanese_Muslim @ 23.384323
          19 North_Italian @ 23.414101
          20 Syrian @ 24.165232

          Using 2 populations approximation:
          1 50% Ashkenazi +50% Ashkenazi @ 3.176147

          Using 3 populations approximation:
          1 50% Ashkenazi +25% Ashkenazi +25% Ashkenazi @ 3.176147

          • Yeravam says:

            You obviously have no clue as to how genetics work.

            Ashkenazi Jews often plot next to Sicilians/Cretan Greeks on PCA charts (though some plot further East, near Lebanese and Druze) because Sicilians and Cretans both have a significant Levantine component in addition to their base mainland Greek/Italic ancestry. Likewise, Ashkenazi Jews acquired some Greek and Roman ancestry in diaspora. That is why they plot close together. No other reason.

            Ashkenazi Jews are not European Caucasoids. They are a Levantine-Middle Eastern population that was exiled into Europe and acquired some additional Greek/Italian ancestry along the way. African-Americans, Native Americans, and even many non-Jewish Levantines have Euro admixture (albeit less than Ashkenazim and Sephardim do). Doesn’t make them white-Europeans.

            Ashkenazi Jews are genetically 50-65% Levantine (sometimes more than that) and 30-40% European (mostly southern European).

            Gal Gadot is ethnically Middle Eastern.

        • RadDaddy says:

          “latest claims are that Ashkenazi name came from today turkey area… eskenaz.”

        • RadDaddy says:

          “latest claims are that Ashkenazi name came from today turkey area… eskenaz.”

          Eran Elhaik is all over the map with his studies.
          Dr. Eran Elhaik is a very personable individual and I have emailed him and conversed with him extensively.
          I don’t agree with his findings about YIDDISH speaking Ashkenazim descending from north Eastern Turkey.
          You need to access the totality of all evidence from multiple studies and crunch and vet their data, not just cherry-pick one study that fits your particular narrative..

          Ashkenazim in my opinion are a Greco Roman like genetic sub grouping, that much is crystal clear to me after very careful study of this subject for many years.

          The Ashkenazim population on average goes from a more southern cline genetically to Cretans, Cyclades, Kythira and up to the mainland Greek Peloponnesus to Central Greece and Athens. and the other Italian more northern cline is in Abruzzo Italy, which is geographically Central Italy but culturally considered south Italy, the Italian cline then goes down to south Italy/Sicily and Malta..

          • Yeravam says:

            I’m not touching the rest of this. I already did so in my last reply.

            Elhaik is a fraud. Only ONE of his studies is actually peer-reviewed, and that one was summarily ripped apart by later papers. Ashkenazi Jews are a Levantine-Middle Eastern ethnic group that acquired some European genes (primarily Roman/Greek) in diaspora. This is why the Y-DNA line is solidly Levantine while the mtDNA line is more mixed.

            There has been an almost unanimous consensus on this for close to 30 years now. And the only reason I say “almost” is because of Elhaik. In other words, the vast majority of the genetics community says Ashkenazim are from the Middle East, whereas ONE guy (Elhaik) says we’re not. So if anyone is guilty of cherry-picking, it’s obviously you.

    • calicofairy says:

      actually she looks a lil bit Central Asian. some people says Ashkenazi Jews are actually turks, but this seems to me both right and wrong, i can never decide on this issue.

    • Vik27 says:

      The khazar Bulls–t has been debunked by peer reviewed scientists and geneticists.

        • Vik27 says:

          It has been debunked by peer reviewed scientist and geneticsts. First of all the Khazar people were from the Steppes of Eurasia they were mongoloid Turkic people related to Western Kazakhs, Kalmyk people of Dagestan , and Crymean Tatars. Second the only Jews who lived since 2500 years in the Caucasus are called Juhurim also known as Mountain Jews . They are Babylonian EXILE JEws and settled there when Dagestan and Azerbaijan were part of the Persian empire . Also before Ashkenazim lived in Eastern Europe they lived in the Rheinland (Germany) and before they lived there they lived in Italy and before that Judea. Ashkenazim do NOT have Mongolian or Turkic admixture in fact they carry middle eastern and Mediterranean (Italian and Greek ) admixture.

  2. RadDaddy says:

    For a bunch of uneducated fools that deal in idiotic stereotypes, it’s amusing, but not surprising, that none of you noted that Gal is 177.6 cm (5 ft 10 in) tall, or as tall as the average European man.
    Is being exceptionally tall and towering over most European women a sign of Gal Gadot’s alleged inferior non European ancestry?

    BTW, Gal is Israeli, is it even remotely possible that she goes to the beach and has a rare phenomenon called a “tan”?

    Asking for a friend…‍♂️

  3. Girll says:

    Gal how could i have ever doubted you? She is perfectly wonderwoman<3 And she blew it out of the water

    I suppose some people have had the same appreciations about Alicia Vikander playing Lara Croft. A lithe figured woman playing an action type of character that demands physical prowess,and some fans being attached to the earlier actressses portrayal of the role.

    But she made it happen^^ big fan

  4. sahlav dino says:

    She said she is german, austrian, czech and polish. when these websites say “Ashkenazi”(german-jewish) they leave out the rest of her ethnic background.

    • follers says:

      German Jews, Austrian Jews, Czech Jews, and Polish Jews are all Ashkenazi.

    • lelo4 says:

      Ashkenazi Jews do have some Italian/Greek influence and it dates back to the Roman Empire.

      • RadDaddy says:

        South Italians and Peloponnese Greeks are very closely related to Ashkenazi Jews on an autosomal level; same goes for Greek Islanders, all of the afore mentioned populations are actually some of the most ancient Europeans and have contributed greatly to the birth of western civilization, as have the Jewish people.
        And how does Greco-Roman conversion into the Ashkenazi gene pool diminish or taint their European ancestry?

        Jewish and gentile historical data and ongoing DNA studies have shown that Ashkenazi Jews have overlap genetically with Circassians from the Republic of Adygea, a land that was part of ancient Khazaria…
        J2a-M67 a very substantial J haplogroup in Ashkenazi Jews is deeply embedded in the region of The North Caucasus that was the heartland of ancient Khazaria.

        Bet you have an Apricity account, and I know exactly who you’re.
        I think I do and I never liked you.

        Such low self esteem, is only compounded by your copious trolling …

  5. lelo4 says:

    I think it’s pretty impressive how some Ashkenazis resemble Turkic people so much. This woman looks typical Turkish/Azeri.

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