Fred Melamed

Place of Birth: New York City, New York, U.S.

Date of Birth: May 13, 1956

Ethnicity: Ashkenazi Jewish

Fred Melamed is an American actor, comedian, and writer.

Fred was adopted by Syma (Krichefsky), an actress, and Louis Melamed, a television producer. His biological parents are actress and director Nancy Zala, who was born in New York, and psychoanalyst Stanley J. Silverstone, who was born in London, England. Both Fred’s adoptive and biological parents were born Jewish. Fred’s biological father was a relative of actors/acting teaches Luther Adler and Stella Adler.

Fred is married to Leslee Spieler, with whom he has two children.

Louis Melamed was the son of Michael Melamed and Bolissa Melamed, who were born in Israel.

Fred’s biological paternal grandfather was named Joe Silverstone.

Fred’s biological paternal grandmother was named Anne Disner.

Fred’s paternal great-grandparents lived in South Africa.

Fred’s biological maternal grandfather was Alfred Frances/Ferencz Grünbaum Zala (the son of Ferencz Pál Grünbaum Zala and Bertha/Berta Wolf). Alfred was born in Nagykanizsa, Hungary. Pal was born in Zalaszentgrót, Zala, Hungary. Bertha was born in Timișoara, Romania, the daughter of Adolf Wolf and Klára Buli.

Fred’s biological maternal grandmother was named Elizabeth/Erzsébet Boksan. Elizabeth was born in Munkacs, Hungary, present-day Ukraine.

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