Frank Mir

Frank Mir

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Birth Name: Francisco Santos Miranda

Place of Birth: Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.

Date of Birth: May 24, 1979

*father – Cuban [Spanish]
*mother – English, Welsh

Frank Mir is an American mixed martial artist. He competed in the heavyweight divsion of Bellator MMA.

The word Mir means peace in Russian. He stated in an article, “My name is Mir and my father came from Cuba and my ancestors from Morocco.” It is not clear if this Moroccan ancestry has been verified/documented.

Frank began training MMA as a child, learning Kenpo karate and wrestling, and moving on to BJJ and boxing. He is said to have earned his Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt in only five years.

Frank is married to Jennifer, with whom he has four children. His daughter, Isabella “Bella Mir” Miranda, is also a professional mixed martial artist.

Frank’s paternal grandfather likely was Francisco Santos Mir Ortega (the son of Luis Mir and Estrella Ortega).

Frank’s paternal grandmother likely was Mendalia/Migdalia Arango Llanes (the daughter of Roberto Cesar Arango and Dulce Maria Llanes Garcia).


Curious about ethnicity

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  1. Dar says:

    His mother was of English And Welsh descent apparently and His Dad was Cuban of Moroccan descent so I would change his ancestry to

    *father – Cuban [Moroccan]
    *mother – English, Welsh

    Tag Arab, Arab-Cuban, English, Moroccan-Cuban, and Welsh.

  2. Mister_A says:

    Morocco has never been invaded by Ottomans and as said Memphis, Imazighen (Berbers if you prefer) are the indigenous people of North Africa. It depends of where you are, if you are in the north of morocco you will see a lot of people with white skin and tanned (light tanned or dark tanned) and if you go more to the south to the sahara you find people with people with dark skin

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