Cody Rhodes

SAN DIEGO – JUL 23: Rhodes at the SyFy/E! Comic-Con Party at Hotel Solamar in San Diego, California on July 23, 2011. Joe Seer/

Birth Name: Cody Garrett Runnels

Place of Birth: Charlotte, North Carolina, U.S.

Date of Birth: June 30, 1985

Ethnicity: Spanish-Cuban (maternal grandfather), English, German, Swedish, Irish, Scottish, Swiss, Welsh, French, possibly Muscogee, Creek, and Cherokee Native American

Cody Rhodes is an American professional wrestler, actor, and television personality. He is known for his work in wrestling promotions worldwide, particularly WWE and AEW, of which he is a former executive vice president. He has also played Derek Sampson on the series Arrow; and appeared on reality shows Rhodes to the Top and WAGS Atlanta, and as a regular judge on game show Go-Big Show. He has also been known as Stardust and Cody R.

Cody is the son of Michelle Rubio and professional wrestler Dusty Rhodes (born Virgil Riley Runnels). His father was born in Texas, or Arizona. His mother was born in Florida. His older half-brother, Dustin Rhodes, is also professional wrestler and actor. His uncles by marriage are professional wrestlers Fred Ottman, on his father’s side, and Jerry Sags, on his mother’s side. Cody grew up in Marietta, Georgia. He legally changed his name to Cody Runnels Rhodes. A photo of Cody’s parents can be seen here.

Cody is married to professional wrestler, ring announcer, and television personality Brandi Rhodes, with whom he has one child.

Cody’s patrilineal line can be traced to his eleven times great-grandfather, Robert Reynolds, who emigrated from England to Colonial America in the 1600s.

Cody’s paternal grandfather was Virgil Raleigh Runnels (the son of Hugh H. Runnels and Delia Agnes Graham). Virgil was born in Oklahoma, of mostly English, one quarter Irish, and distant German, Swiss, and Scottish, descent. Hugh was the son of Gill Runnels and Polly Ann Gregg.

Cody’s paternal grandmother was Katherine Maxine Sanders (the daughter of Henry Sanders and Bertha Herzog). Katherine was born in Texas. Henry was the son of Swedish parents, Andrew Sanders and Ida Svensdotter. Bertha was the daughter of German parents, Gustav Herzog and Bertha Schwab.

Cody’s maternal grandfather was Ralph Evaristo Rubio, Jr. (the son of Ralph Evaristo Rubio and Margaret Casanueva). Cody’s grandfather Ralph was born in Florida. Cody’s great-grandfather Ralph was born in Cuba, the son of Spanish parents, Evaristo Rubio and Rumualda. Margaret was born in Florida, also the daughter of Spanish parents, Calixto Casanueva and Maria/Ana. All of Cody’s great-great-grandparents had all moved from Spain, to Cuba, to Florida.

Cody’s maternal grandmother was Mary Ethel Wentworth (the daughter of Cuthbert Jones Wentworth and Dora Mae Bragg). Mary was born in Florida, to parents who were born in Alabama. She was of mostly English descent, with Scottish, Irish, Welsh, French, and possibly Muscogee Creek and Cherokee Native American, ancestry. Dora was the daughter of George Alexander Bragg and Mary/Mollie A. Tillmon. Cody’s Wentworth line traces back to his ten-time great-grandfather, William Wentworth, who emigrated from England to Colonial America in the 1600s.

Many family trees and written histories state that Cody’s maternal six-time great-grandmother, through his Wentworth line, was Zilphia Napochi Sefaya Bartlett Andrews, a Muscogee Creek Native American, who was born in South Carolina. Zilpha is listed on the 1840 Census as “White.” Some family trees also state that Cody’s maternal seven-time great-grandmother, through his Bragg line, was Sally Happuch/Happcuh, a Cherokee Native American born in Virginia.

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