Ethan Andrew Casto

Place of Birth: Georgia, U.S.

Date of Birth: March 23, 2002

Ethnicity: Italian (great-grandfather), English, German, Dutch, some Irish, possibly Swedish

Ethan Andrew Casto is an American actor.

Ethan’s paternal grandfather was Lloyd Andrew Casto (the son of Claude Camden Casto and Helen Genevieve Hamon). Claude was the son of Lloyd N. Casto and Edna Lou Young. Helen was the daughter of Andrew Dexter Hamon and Delphia Mae Mundy.

Ethan’s paternal grandmother was Loretta Ann Bailes (the daughter of Arthur Gail Bailes and Anna Mae Triplett). Arthur was the son of Wilbur Guy Bailes and Clara A. Brown. Anna was the daughter of Henry Triplett and Loretta Jane White.

Ethan’s maternal grandfather was Michael R. DeLuca (the son of Alfred DeLuca and Eleanor Elizabeth Wilde). Alfred was the son of Italian parents, Gilardo DeLuca and Caroline Trillo. Eleanor was the daughter of William Fredrick Wilde and Gertrude T. Hutsch.

Ethan’s maternal grandmother was Jeanette Nelson (the daughter of Robert E. Nelson and Doris S.).

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  1. andrew says:

    He is an 8th cousin of Miley Cyrus

    As Follers previously wrote, the odd surname “Casto” traces back to Wales.

    Ethan has also Dutch ancestry.

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