Lisa Schwartz

Birth Name: Lisa Erin Schwartz

Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California, United States

Date of Birth: April 4, 1983

*father – Ashkenazi Jewish
*mother – Polish, likely other

Lisa Schwartz, also known as Erin Schwartz, is an American YouTube personality and actress. Her YouTube channel is Lisabug.

She is married to comedian Jeff Galante.

Lisa’s paternal grandfather is surnamed Schwartz.

Lisa’s paternal grandmother likely was Rosalie Rose (the daughter of Harry Rose and Freida Braslawsky). Harry was born in Poland. Freida was born in Kiev, Russia.

Lisa’s maternal grandfather is Herman Jay Jasinski/Jasin (the son of Anthony “Tony” Stephen Jasinski and Mary M. Gralka). Anthony was Polish. Mary was born in Ohio, to Polish parents.

Lisa’s maternal grandmother is named Virginia Wood.

Source: Obituary of Lisa’s maternal great-aunt (sister of Lisa’s maternal grandfather) –

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  1. jackson9 says:

    I believe Glen Howard Schwartz (Erin Schwartz’s father) born in Los Angeles, California, in 1949 was the son of Rosalie Rose (1922-1999). If this is the case she was the daughter of Harry Rose (1891-1942), born in Poland and died in California and Freida Braslawsky (1890-1979) born in Kiev, Russia and died in Los Angeles, California. That would make her of Russian Jewish and Polish Jewish heritage.

  2. passingtime85 says:


    Just trying to point out the typo, her heritage should be listed as Polish not Possibly, lol.

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