Edvard Grieg

Birth Name: Edvard Hagerup Grieg

Place of Birth: Bergen, Sweden-Norway

Date of Birth: 15 June, 1843

Place of Death: Bergen, Norway

Date of Death: 4 September, 1907

Ethnicity: Norwegian, one eighth Scottish, some Danish and German

Edvard Grieg was a Norwegian composer and pianist.

Edvard was a first cousin, twice removed, of Canadian pianist Glenn Gould. Edvard’s paternal grandparents, John Grieg and Maren Regine Haslund, were also Glenn’s maternal great-great-grandparents.

Edvard’s paternal grandfather was John Grieg (the son of Alexander Grieg/Greig and Margrethe Elisabeth Heitmann/Heitmand). Alexander was born in Fraserburgh, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, the son of John Jameson Grig and Ann/Anna Milne. Margrethe was the daughter of Jan Magnus Heitmann and Karen Iwersdatter Gram.

Edvard’s paternal grandmother was Maren Regine Haslund (the daughter of Niels Nielsen Haslund and Catharina Hedvig Kierumgaard). Niels was the son of Niels Nielsen Haslund, who was Danish, and Maren Jacobsdatter. Catharina was the daughter of Jens Andersen Kierumgaard and Catharine Hedewig Echoff.

Edvard’s maternal grandfather was Edvard Hagerup (the son of Eiler Kongel and Edvardine Magdalene Margrethe Christie). Eiler was the son of Eiler Bertelsen Kongel and Laurentze Spydeberg/Stub. Edvardine was the daughter of Edvard Christie and Magdalene Margrethe Koren.

Edvard’s maternal grandmother was Ingeborg Benedicte Krohn Janson (the daughter of Hermann Didrich Janson Damsgård and Christiane Benedicte Krohn). Hermann was the son of Helmich Jansen Damsgård, who was born in the Netherlands, to Norwegian parents, and Gensine Judithe Dwerhagen, whose parents were German and Danish, respectively. Christiane was the daughter of Wollert Clausen Krohn, whose father was German; and of Ingeborg Benedicta Danckertsen.

Source: Genealogy of Edvard Grieg – https://www.geni.com

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