Ed Stoppard

Birth Name: Edmund Stoppard

Place of Birth: Westminster, London, England, U.K.

Date of Birth: 16 September, 1974

*75% Ashkenazi Jewish
*25% Scottish and English

Ed Stoppard is a British actor. He is the son of playwright Tom Stoppard (born Tomáš Straussler) and medical doctor, author, television presenter, and advice columnist Miriam Stoppard, or Miriam, Lady Hogg (born Miriam Stern).

His father was born in Zlín, Czechoslovakia, to a Jewish family, and left with his family because of the Nazis. Many of his family members died in the Holocaust. Ed’s father and his parents moved to Singapore on 15 March, 1939, the day the Nazis invaded Czechoslovakia. Ed’s father later lived in Darjeeling, India, before moving to England, and taking the surname of his own stepfather, British army major Kenneth Stoppard.

Ed’s mother was born in England, to an Orthodox Jewish family. Her own mother, who was of Scottish and English descent, had converted when marrying Ed’s Ashkenazi maternal grandfather.

Ed is married to Amie Stoppard, with whom he has three children. Armie is the daughter of Chris Stamp, a music producer and manager, and is the niece of actor Terence Stamp.

Ed’s first cousin is politician Oona King, who has been a Member of Parliament for Bethnal Green and Bow, from 1997 to 2005, and a Member of the House of Lords Lord Temporal, since 2011. Their mothers are sisters.

Ed’s paternal grandfather was Eugen Sträussler (the son of Julius Sträussler and Hildegard). Eugen was born in Podmokly, Rokycany District, Plzeň Region, Czechoslovakia, and was a physician. He was a volunteer in Singapore for the British Army there, against the invading Japanese army. He died in 1942 in Singapore, on a ship bombed by Japanese forces. His parents were killed in the Holocaust in 1942, in Riga, Latvia.

Ed’s paternal grandmother was Martha Beck/Becková (the daughter of Rudolf Beck and Regina). Rudolf and Regina were killed in the Holocaust, in 1944, in the Terezín concentration camp and ghetto, Rudolf in July and Regina in April.

Ed’s maternal grandfather was named Sidney/Sydney/Sid Stern.

Ed’s maternal grandmother was named Jenny/Jane Ann Graham. Jenny was of Scottish and English descent. She converted to Orthodox Judaism. Jenny was an aunt (father’s sister) of Ted Graham, Baron Graham of Edmonton, a Labour Co-operative politician.

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