David Strathairn

David Strathairn

Strathairn in 2004, photo by PrPhotos.com

Birth Name: David Russell Strathairn

Place of Birth: San Francisco, California, United States

Date of Birth: January 26, 1949

*father – Scottish, Irish, Native Hawaiian, Chinese, Azorean Portuguese
*mother – Scottish, English

David Strathairn is an American actor. He is known for his role in the films Good Night, and Good Luck., We Are Marshall, Lincoln, Nomadland, and Matewan.

He is the son of Mary Frances and Thomas Scott Strathairn. David is married to nurse Logan Goodman, with whom he has two children.

David’s paternal grandfather was Thomas Scott Strathairn, Sr. (the son of George Strathairn and Julia Fanny Scott). Thomas was born in Crieff, Perthshire, Scotland, to a father who was born in Scotland and a mother who was born in Ireland. George was the son of George Strahorn/Strathearn and Margaret Aird.

David’s paternal grandmother was Jessie/Josephine Lei Victoria Alana (the daughter of James Anthony K. Alana and Rita Keola Marie Morris). Jessie was born in Hilo, Hawaii. James was born on Makawao, Maui, and his father was Chinese. Rita was born on Oahu. Her father was Portuguese, from the Azores. It appears that both James’s mother and Rita’s mother, who were born in Hawaii, were of Native Hawaiian descent.

David’s maternal grandfather was Russell George Frazier (the son of John Robert Frazier and Lelia Adelia/Adelaide George). Russell was born in Qahirah, Fraziers Bottom, Putnam, West Virginia. John was the son of Christopher Columbus Frazier and Abigail Ball. Lelia was the daughter of James George and Emeline Catherine Hereford.

David’s maternal grandmother was Elva Tryphana Irene Johnson (the daughter of Thomas Stoder Johnson and Margaret/Maggie Fiddes/Feddis). Elva was born in Bruce, Ontario, Canada. Thomas was the son of English parents, John Johnston and Hannah Banks, who was born in Yorkshire. Margaret was the daughter of William Fiddes and Helen Minty, who were Scottish, from Aberdeenshire.

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  1. jonasbttencourt says:

    He’s obviusly heavily european but i can see the native in him. Interesting to see how americans perceive him. In southern Brazil he could be considered “moreno claro”(ligh brown), but i personally think he looks white in the general sense, he has a strong olive complexion for sure, but so does many italians and nobody say they are not white. Anyway, great actor, and very underrated.

    • andrew says:

      Oh dear…from Northern Brazil (you put your name and face online so dont wonder how I know that) you make fantasies about Strathairn’s racial profiling in S. Brazil. It’s hilarious. Like there would not be people of Iberian background there who a very similar appearence to him.

      And stop associating people with no Italian ancestry to Italians (you did with Agassi). It’s totally gratuit.

      • jonasbttencourt says:

        You really are obssessed about me i bet you even dream about our marrige, sorry to inform you that i don’t play in this “field” dude hahaah…And wow you remember every single comment that i make here, imagine having a life difined by this obssession in arguing with people online, do you smell your own farts and tap your back after winning an argument?(legit question). And btw, if your stalking was any good, you would realize that my social media is privite to close friends, so you just read the few public informations and then jumped to conclusions, this kind of atitude is quite telling, you must have a really “exiting” life to spend time checking up a person online to try using some random informations as talking points in an argument LOL how sad, i wont even waste time explaning myself to some wierdo online, my life is none of your business, and i have already explained on other pages why i have my own name and picture on the profile. In regards to David’s apperience and if he would not be perceived as white in southern Brazil, well, if you did your reaserch right you would know that in many southern brazillian cities, such as Blumenau-SC, and Bento Gonçalves-RS, the german imigration was huge, larger than the italian, and obviusly germans tend to have a pale complexion, not to mention the light eyes and hair, i personally know many people with David’s complexion that are considered “moreno claro” in this type of cities in the south (and keep in mind that i said “HE COULD BE”, and not “HE WOULD DEFINITELY BE” considered, do you want glasses?). Of course he is white, in the general since of the word, and he must be perceived as such in most places, because that’s what he is. I was just pointing out that specific regions have specific steriotypes, and is well know that southern Brazil is heavily german, so people that are usually more pale than David, so he could be considered a brown person in some cities. I hope you enjoyed this reply, because this is the last time that i ever give you this satisfaction, i just hope you, and the other members of my “fan club” on this site can get a life and stop this really sad behavior, all this online stalking and obssession for winning arguments is really not helthy man.

        • NOTREALLY says:

          this man is the only user in the history of this website to use his real photo and name and complains about stalking rolf

        • andrew says:

          Quote: “in many southern brazillian cities, such as Blumenau-SC, and Bento Gonçalves-RS, the german imigration was huge, larger than the italian”

          Bento Gonçalves on Wikipedia: “Created in 1875, it is one of the centers of the Italian immigration in Brazil”

          Obrigado, Jonas.

  2. RadDaddy says:

    This is why you’re a troll and obscenely inconsistent and ignorant.
    This guy looks “very white” to you, but snow white and pale Melanie Lynskey looks “exotic .”
    Pathetic, bro…

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