Rio, Brazil – September 24, 2017: Cuca in match between Fluminense and Palmeiras by the Brazilian championship in Maracana Stadium, photo by Celso Pupo/

Birth Name: Alexi Stival

Place of Birth: Curitiba, Paraná, Brazil

Date of Birth: 7 June, 1963

Ethnicity: Italian

Cuca is a Brazilian football manager and player. He is the head coach of Brazilian club Corinthians.

He is the son of Nilde and João Dirceu Stival. His family is of Italian descent. His brothers are footballer Amauri and football coach and player Cuquinha. Cuca is married to Rejane, and has two children. His nickname “Cuca” is inspired by the nickname of a police officer, “Cucla.”

Cuca’s paternal grandfather was José Stival (the son of Luiz Stival and Maria Gualdezi). José was born in Paraná. Luiz was born in Paraná, to Italian parents, Giuseppe Leone Stival and Angela Antiga, who were from Refrontolo and San Pietro di Feletto, respectively, both in the province of Treviso. Maria was born in Italy, the daughter of Pacifico Gualdesi and Viola/Violante Caraceni.

Cuca’s paternal grandmother was Helena Hercules/Ercole (the daughter of Giovanni Maria “João” Ercole and Gennina Elizabetta “Izabel” Rizzetto). Helena was born in Paraná, to parents from Italy. Giovanni was born in Bressanvido, province of Vicenza, Veneto, the son of Francesco “Francisco” Ercole and Teresa Terenzani. Gennina was born in Carmignano di Padova, province of Padova, Veneto, the daughter of Paolo Rizzetto and Santa Rossato.

Cuca’s maternal grandfather was Reinaldo/Oreinaldo Túlio (the son of Nicolau Tullio and Joanna/Adriana Bertapelli). Reinaldo was born in Paraná. Nicolau was born in Paraná, the son of Agostino Tollio and Catterina Villanova, who were from Schiavon and Bressanvido, respectively, both in the province of Vicenza, Veneto. Joanna was born in Paraná, also to parents from Italy, Zen/Zeno Bertapelle and Teresa Smaniotto.

Cuca’s maternal grandmother was Jacomina Tondin (the daughter of João Tondin and Iolanda/Orlanda Bortolotti). Jacomina was born in São Paulo. João was born in São Paulo, and likely was the son of Antonio Tondin and Giacomina, who were Italian. Iolanda was born in São Paulo, also to Italian parents, Mario Bortolotti and Corona/Carona Maria Paraluppi, who were from Fiesso Umbertiano, in the province of Rovigo, Veneto.

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